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Small Satellite Wins Big

ECE graduate student Iverson Bell took home a check for $7,500 for his second place prize in the 28th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites. Bell built an electrodynamic tether for space applications.  [More Info]

Kyu-Tae Lee Wins Best Poster Award for Colorful Solar Cells

ECE graduate student Kyu-Tae Lee received a Best Poster Award at the 40th Annual Michigan AVS Symposium. His poster described the creation of solar cell device structures that enable attractive multi-colored solar cells that can be used on windows and other interior and exterior surfaces.  [More Info]

Shared Memory in Mobile Operating Systems Provides Ingress Point for Hackers

Computer science researchers have exposed a shared memory weakness believed to exist in Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems that could be used to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users. The research team has demonstrated how passwords, photos, and other personal information can be stolen while users use popular mainstream apps.  [More Info]

Researchers Expose Security Flaws in Backscatter X-ray Scanners

A team of security researchers including Prof. J. Alex Halderman and graduate student Eric Wustrow have discovered several security vulnerabilities in the full-body backscatter X-ray scanners that were deployed to U.S. airports between 2009 and 2013. The researchers were able to slip knives, guns, and other contraband past the systems.  [More Info]

Researchers Demo Hack to Seize Control of Municipal Traffic Signal Systems

Computer science researchers working with Prof. J. Alex Halderman have demonstrated that a number of security flaws exist in commonly-deployed networked traffic signal systems that leave the systems vulnerable to attack or manipulation. They presented their findings at the 8th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies.  [More Info]

Solving the Big Data Dilemma

Prof. Laura Balzano talks about how to get the best results from big collections of data. Science, healthcare, economics, infrastructure and government could be completely changed by effectively using big data.  [More Info]

EECS Events [All Events...]

New Graduate Student Welcome/Orientation for EE:Systems Students

Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
Location: 1500 EECS
Event Type: Student Event

New Graduate Student Welcome/Orientation for EE Students

Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
Location: 1200 EECS
Event Type: Student Event

Theory Seminar Kick Off

Friday, Sep 05, 2014
Location: 3941 BBB
Speaker: Theory Faculty
Event Type: Theory Seminar

Feedback Control of Bipedal Locomotion: Theory and Experiments

Friday, Sep 05, 2014
Location: 1311EECS
Speaker: Jessy Grizzle
Speaker Title: Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering Jerry and Carol Levin Professor o
Event Type: Other Seminar

Towards Pervasive Assistance: The Intel Science and Technology Center for Pervasive Computing

Friday, Sep 05, 2014
Location: 1670 Beyster Building
Speaker: Mark Abel
Speaker Title: Director, Intel Science and Technology Center for Pervasive Computing
Event Type: Colloquium

MHacks IV Hackathon

Friday, Sep 05, 2014
5:30pm-Next Day
Location: Beyster Building, EECS Building, Dow Building
Event Type: Student Event

Transformation Electronics for Smart Living and Sustainable Future

Thursday, Sep 11, 2014
Location: 1005 EECS
Speaker: Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
Speaker Title: Associate Professor
Event Type: Solid State Electronics Lab Seminar

Energy Efficient Multicommodity Routing

Friday, Sep 12, 2014
Location: BBB 3941
Speaker: Viswanath Nagarajan
Speaker Title: Assistant Professor
Event Type: Theory Seminar