November 2017

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Wearables to Boost Security of Voice-Based Log-in

Prof. Kang Shin uses VAuth

Voice authentication is quick and easy, but not necessarily secure. New security tokens developed at CSE provide a second method of authentication that closes this open channel.

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Prof. Jason Mars

Jason Mars is Bringing Smart Banking to Market

Prof. Jason Mars is CEO of AI startup Clinc, which is leading the pack of intelligent banking solutions with their flagship product Finie.

Learning Database

Database Speeds Queries from Hours to Seconds

CSE researchers have developed learning software that enables existing databases to learn from each query a user submits.

Student programming team

Programming Team Advances to World Finals

Five U-M programming teams competed in ACM regional programming contest, and one team will advance to the world finals.

Jenna Wiens

Jenna Wiens: Data Science for a Safer Hospital Stay

Prof. Jenna Wiens is leveraging patient data to predict deadly hospital infections before they happen. For this, she's been named one of MIT's TR35.

market image

Detering Financial Market Manipulation

NSF has funded researchers to develop approaches for detecting and deterring computerized manipulation of financial markets.

robotic vehicle

New Student Team Builds Autonomous Vehicles

The University of Michigan Intelligent Ground Vehicle (UMIGV) student team is now building a prototype autonomous vehicle.