March/April 2018

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Preventing deadly hospital infections with machine learning

petri dish

Researchers including Prof. Jenna Wiens have developed a tool to help identify those patients at highest risk for C. difficile infections and to aid hospitals in focusing prevention and treatment efforts.




New computing system to enable deep space missions

A new radiation-hardened, multi-processor, Arm-based spacecraft processor is being developed at Michigan in a project led by Boeing and funded by NASA.

map of Cuba

"Sonic attacks" in Cuba: a covert accident?

The "attacks" that sickened U.S. and Canadian government workers in Cuba last year could have been an accidental side effect of attempted eavesdropping.


Vulnerabilities found in next-gen connected vehicle technology

The flaws allows an attacker to manipulate a new intelligent traffic control system that uses real-time traffic data to cause severe traffic jams.


Duplicate text detection system in use by conferences

The system is integrated with Softcon's START V2, a web-based solution for managing peer-reviewed conferences and workshops.

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Master's program in data science launched

Developed and taught collaboratively by four units on campus, the Data Science master's program is accepting applications for Fall 2018.


Chat tool simplifies tricky online privacy policies

At your fingertips: an automated AI chatbot will weed through the fine print of privacy policies so that you will know what you're agreeing to.


Matt Bernhard

CSE PhD student Matt Bernhard comments on the Facebook data breach

50 million Facebook profiles were harvested by Cambridge Analytica as part of a major data breach, unearthing ethical questions of users' privacy and who is responsible for protecting it.


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Summer engineering camps for alumni and kids – sign up today!

College of Engineering alumni are encouraged to visit campus this summer – and bring the next generation of engineers! Learn more about the College of Engineering's Xplore and Discover summer camps.