December 2018

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Taking on the limits of computing power

Tapia attendees

Founded by Prof. Scott Mahlke and his former students Mehrzad Samadi (PhD CSE 2014) and Ankit Sethia (MSE PhD CSE 2011, 2015), Ann Arbor-based Parabricks Inc. employs proprietary high-performance computing techniques to dramatically accelerate whole genome sequencing.



Huntington detector

Using drones to bring LTE anywhere

Presearchers including Prof. Z. Morley Mao and alumnus Mehrdad Moradi have developed Skycore, a reliable way to deploy LTE networks using drones.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Tool monitors global online censorship

Worldwide censorship measurement tool Censored Planet, developed by Prof. Roya Ensafi, shows censorship jumped in Saudi Arabia following Khashoggi's murder.

New Faculty

Helping drivers use smart cars smarter

73% of drivers have never used their car's smart features. CSE researchers have introduced ADASA, a driver assistant that can help drivers using natural language.

May Mobility in Columbusmib

CSE startup Censys raises $2.6 million

Co-founded last year by three CSE researchers, Censys provides a search engine that monitors all devices connected to the internet.

Alex Halderman

Symposium celebrates 30 years of AI at Michigan

The Michigan AI Lab celebrated 30 years with its first annual AI for Society Symposium. They welcomed 250 participants from around the country.

Rada Mihalcea

Toyota funds professorship in AI at Michigan

A $3 million gift from Toyota has endowed the first named professorship in artificial intelligence and provides additional funding to support AI and robotics faculty.


Jenna Wiens

CRO+MA Lab Student Research Showcase

Undergraduate and PhD students working in Prof. Walter Lasecki's Crowds and Machines (CRO+MA) Lab presented their research at the lab's student project showcase. CRO+MA focuses on techniques for creating intelligent systems that combine human and machine intelligence to accomplish new tasks.