February 2019

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Online censorship detector aims to make the internet a freer place

Censored Planet

In an advance that could one day provide a comprehensive, publicly available window into worldwide internet censorship, a team led by Prof. Roya Ensafi has turned public internet servers across the globe into automated sentries that can monitor and report when access to websites is being blocked.



Instantaneous crowdsourcing

"Air traffic control" for driverless cars

Research led by Prof. Walter Lasecki shows how human-generated responses could remotely assist autonomous vehicles decisions during times of uncertainty.

Mark Guzdial

The social justice case for computing

Mark Guzdial works to determine how different students think about computing, and just how exactly teaching it is supposed to work.

Pinaki Mazumder

SSPP waves accelerate chip interconnect by up to 20x

Researchers led by Prof. Pinaki Mazumder have created a new chip terahertz surface-wave interconnect technology that will enable ultra fast data transmissions.

Westley Weimer

10-year recognition for software that patches itself

Prof. Westley Weimer has been recognized for his work automatically generating patch fixes for software bugs using genetic programming with a 10-year award.

Four fellowships


Student projects

Students present range of innovative solutions in semester-end projects

The fall semester concluded with project showcases for many hands-on CSE courses –  students involved demonstrated real-time water monitors, sensors to improve weight lifting form, ping-pong-playing robots, and more. Check out a playlist of their demos.

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