May 2019

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New chip stops hacks before they start


The chip, called MORPHEUS, blocks potential attacks by encrypting and randomly reshuffling key bits of its own code and data twenty times per second. Development is led by Prof. Todd Austin.



Internet of Things

RFID system to make anything part of IoT

Prof. Alanson Sample bridges the gap between billions of ‘smart’ devices in the Internet of Things and hundreds of billions of non-smart objects left out of the picture.

Uche Eke

A balancing act in computer science

Uche Eke is a student athlete and one of a small number of black students enrolled in the CS program at Michigan.

J. Alex Halderman

Andrew Carnegie Fellow for work in secure elections

Prof. J. Alex Halderman will work to educate lawmakers, future cybersecurity experts, and the public on the development of secure election processes.

Reetuparna Das

Sloan Fellowship for beating Moore’s Law in health, AI

To meet computing demand in a post-Moore’s Law future, Prof. Reetuparna Das develops new architectures that improve performance by orders of magnitude.


Allison McDonald

Making technology safer for the marginalized

CSE PhD student Allison McDonald is working with Profs. J. Alex Halderman and Florian Schaub (School of Information) to protect vulnerable and marginalized communities from cyber threats.

Charles Eckert

Expanding the role of memory

CSE PhD student Charles Eckert earned an NDSEG Fellowship to give computer memory a dual responsibility to both store and compute data.

Matt Perez

Automating speech-based disease classification

CSE PhD student Matt Perez earned an NSF Fellowship for his research analyzing speech patterns of patients with Huntington's disease.

Election commission

Election Security Commission meets at CSE

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson led the inaugural meeting for the state's new commission, beginning its review and assessment of election security.

Mark Guzdial

Guzdial earns SIGCSE outstanding educator award

Prof. Mark Guzdial is a leading expert in computing education research, and was one of the field's earliest researchers.