College of Engineering Students Present "Shaping the Sound of Bronze" in Tishman Hall

On Monday, December 13, student teams from an ENG 100 Design course called "Shaping the Sound of Bronze" held an open house in CSE's Tishman Hall. At the event, students walked visitors through each stage of casting and tuning a bell, from the initial drawings, to the pouring of bronze, to the final acoustic characterization studies of tuned bells in the Digital Media Commons Audio Studio at the Duderstadt Center. Visitors also had the chance to hear the bells performed, and to compare the sounds of the ENG 100 bells with those of the Central Campus Carillon.

Shaping the Sound of Bronze is a new interdisciplinary design course that is conducted by the College of Engineering, the School of Art & Design, and the School of Music, Theater & Dance. The couse was co-instructed by Gregory Wakefield, Computer Science and Engineering; Louis Marinaro, Art & Design; Steven Ball, Music, Theater & Dance, and Paul Kominsky; College of Engineering.

Photos from the Event

Below are photos from the event. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

Posted: December 15, 2010