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Happy New Year Happy New Year from ECE!

We hope the year is filled with joy, successful endeavors, and positive impact on the world around you. 

This is the inaugural issue of our eNewsletter, which we are sending you to keep you better connected with the department, and ideally with each other. The eNewsletter will focus on news and events in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); ECE includes alumni with an EE, EE:Systems, or CE related degree. Local alumni can attend many of the events. All can take advantage of webinars such as the one next week by Prof. Alan Willsky, the 2013 William Gould Dow Distinguished Lecturer. We'll send you some of our latest videos and research highlights, as well as news about our students. We hope to learn more of what you are doing as well. Let us know what you'd like to see by sending us feedback at any time. 

With warm wishes for 2013 - Go Blue!

Najafi-Khalil35x46Khalil Najafi
Schlumberger Professor of Engineering and Chair, ECE

Alan Willsky

Alan Willsky, Edwin Sibley Webster Professor at MIT, will present the William Gould Dow Distinguished Lecture for 2013. Register in advance to watch the live webinar.
Learning and Inference for Graphical and Hierarchical Models: A Personal Journey
Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013 at 4:30pm

Invisible Scalpel Super-fine sound beam could one day be invisible scalpel
A carbon-nanotube-coated lens that converts light to sound can focus high-pressure sound waves to finer points than ever before. This new therapeutic ultrasound approach could lead to an invisible knife for noninvasive surgery. Working on the project is an interdisciplinary team lead by Prof. Jay Guo, with Prof. Euisik Yoon, Prof. John Hart (ME), and Prof. Zhen Xu (BioMed)
Better CT scans

Jeff Fessler is working with U-M radiologists to create high-quality CT scans with lower radiation in a much faster time frame than currently possible. Watch the video to see his algorithms in action at U-M hospitals.

Mina Rais-Zadeh

Meet Khalil Najafi
Meet the Faculty: Mina Rais-Zadeh and Khalil Najafi (videos)

We are in the process of catching all our faculty as they talk about their research and other things. In two of our latest videos, Prof. Rais-Zadeh talks about her work impacting smart phones and IR detection, while Prof .Najafi talks about making the world's smallest wineglass (ie, gyroscope) and his work in neural interfaces. Catch more of our faculty on the Meet the Faculty playlist on our YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our Channel!

2013 car design
Student Teams - Michigan Hybrid Racing

The Michigan Hybrid Racing team, now in its second year, is busily preparing to build and test their car in preparation for the 2013 Formula Hybrid Competition at the end of April. The electrical team is ready to move the system test bench into faculty advisor Prof. Heath Hofmann's lab, and hopes to have the system completed by February.

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