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Next-gen e-readers

By mimicking the iridescent nature of a peacock's feathers, Prof. Jay Guo and his group have come closer to developing next-generation reflective displays. Their technique of funneling light into nanoscale metallic grooves could one day lead to advanced color e-books and electronic paper, as well as color reflective screens that don't need their own light to be readable.

Who will get sick? Predicting your risk of illness

Imagine a future in which you could predict whether or not you are at risk of becoming sick. Prof. Al Hero is working to make that a reality with his research into the human genome's response to viral illnesses. [watch the video]
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Mars rover

This is the 4th year the Mars Rover team is preparing to enter the University Rover Challenge. We just met with the team leadership, and they are excited with the important contributions our students are making in the areas of communications, sensors, controls, and computer vision.
[Meet the Electrical Team]

MCubed research

Through the MCubed program, ECE faculty are teaming up with colleagues across the University of Michigan - from Epidemiology to Political Science, Ophthalmology to Psychiatry, Neurosurgery to Astronomy - to pursue new initiatives deemed to have major societal impact. Read about the first 10 projects funded.

CAREER awards
CAREER all-stars

Congratulations to our three faculty members who have recently been awarded NSF CAREER awards, which is one the premier awards for early career teacher-scholars:

Juan Rivas – Research in next-generation power electronics
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David Wentzloff – Research in energy-autonomous systems
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Zhaohui Zhong – Research in graphene-based optoelectronics
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