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Kinect-ing Xbox to the World
solar cell

Colored Solar Cells for Energy + Beauty

Colorful, see-through solar cells could one day be used to make stained-glass windows, decorations and even shades that turn the sun's energy into electricity.
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Photon Glue

Photon Glue for Better Lighting + Solar Cells

Light can act as a photon glue that binds together the quantum mechanical properties of two vastly different materials. The effect could harness the most useful characteristics from each material for high-efficiency lighting and hybrid solar cells.

cancer biochip

Biochips for Better Cancer Therapy

This biochip simultaneously tests the interaction of the drug, light, and oxygen in photodynamic therapy, generating results in a fraction of the time of current testing practices.

quantum computing
Why Quantum Computers? (video)

Prof. Duncan Steel, a leading expert in quantum computer technology, describes how these computers work, and what their implications are for cyber security.
great teaching
Great Undergraduate Teaching

Professor Jamie Phillips has been named an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor for demonstrably impacting the intellectual development and lives of undergraduate students.

Plasma Microdischarges in Printers: Best Oral Paper

Research into the glow-like atmospheric microdischarges created under special conditions in laser printers may ultimately improve large-scale industrial processes and other applications.

Elizabeth Cloos

Ambassador for Optics

Elizabeth Cloos wants to understand how a new interaction between light and matter can generate electricity. But even when she's not in the lab, she finds plenty to keep herself busy, often promoting optics, science, and technology.

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Invited speaker Prof. April Brown will talk about Chemical-electronic coupling and InAs 2D electron gas
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