ECE at Michigan
Steve Mollenkopf - New CEO of Qualcomm

Thermal Vision with Graphene

Profs. Ted Norris and Zhaohui Zhong developed the first room-temperature graphene light detector of its kind. It can potentially be stacked on a contact lens or integrated with a cell phone.

PsiKick Sensors Connect Everything

With significant new funding, Prof. David Wentzloff's start-up, PsiKick, is a step closer to commercializing its ultra-low-power wireless sensor platforms to enable the Internet of Things..

Clocks for Ubiquitous Circuits

Mohammed Faisal won the Michigan Business Challenge with his company, Movellus Circuits, which aims to build clock generators for most any IoT application - faster than anything on the market today.

Powering Electric Vehicles

The award-winning start-up company, Keravnos Energy, LLC, aims to give a jolt to the electric vehicle industry by making quick charging electric vehicle (EV) stations economical. 

Student Awards

Student Awards Roundup

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Christopher Boyd - Research: Chips for MEMS Inertial Sensors
David Hong - Research: Uncovering Hidden Trends in Big Data

U-M Predoctoral Fellowships
Girish Kulkarni - Research: Advances in Sensor Technology
Seungku Lee - Research: New Material for RF devices

Leadership Awards
Mai Le - GradSWE, 826michigan
Nicholas Clift - Own It, Detroit Partnership
Isabel Martin - Mars Rover, Robotic Exploration in Space

Graduate Student Instructor
Hamid-Reza Ossareh- EECS 560 (Linear Systems Theory)

Hands-on Robotics

Prof. Shai Revzen describes his teaching philosophy, what makes for a great team, and much more in this video about his course, Hands-On Robotics (EECS 498)

April Brown

Meet the Faculty

Prof. Singh, author of 10 textbooks in the area of semiconductors and physics, talks about an upcoming trip to India to introduce students to sustainable lessons from The Golden Temple.

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