ECE Career Panel - sponsored by the ECE Graduate Student Council

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
5:00 - 7:00 PM
1504 GGBrown


Jodie Broadwater Jodie Broadwater
B.S.E. (C.E.) ’00, M.S. ‘10

Delivery/Team Lead- TWOS Exit Program

Jodie Broadwater is an IT Delivery Manager at Ford Motor Company.  She was hired into the Ford College Graduate (FCG) rotational program following graduation.  During her thirteen year career at Ford, she completed her M.S. in Information Systems and Technology (IST) from University of Michigan – Dearborn in 2010, earning the IST Department Honor Scholar award in her graduation year.  Additionally, Jodie has held various roles within IT during her career, including Business Analyst & Project Manager.  She served as a member of the FCG Advisory Board and led the Business Analyst Community of Practice.  Jodie is lead recruiter for the Ford IT U of M Recruiting Team.

John Clark John Clark
B.S.E. (E.E.) '96, M.S.E. (E.E.) '98, PhD (E.E.) '03

CTO, MEMS Technology, Micrel

While at the University of Michigan, Dr. Clark was awarded NSF and NDSEG Fellowships.  His doctoral research included a great deal of the fundamental work leading to micromechanical resonator and filter research today, including development of the first micromechanical disk resonators which established new benchmarks for frequency and performance.

First at Discera, which was spun out of the U of M research, and now Micrel, Dr. Clark is responsible for new resonator development and improvements in existing resonator designs.  Their team has successfully transferred the resonator design and process from the lab to commercial production, bringing one of the first micromechanical resonator timing products to market.  Dr. Clark’s efforts and interests at Micrel include improving the performance of resonators and the products they drive, expanding the use and applicability of micro-resonator timing products to higher performance markets, and expanding their realistic operating frequency range, as well as developing new markets and technologies for MEMS in general.

David Lemmerhirt David Lemmerhirt
M.S.E. (E.E.) ’99, Ph.D. ‘05

Senior R&D Engineer
Sonetics Ultrasound, Inc.

David Lemmerhirt's doctoral work focused on using micromachining technology to miniaturize microsystems containing multiple transducers together with on-board signal conditioning circuits, microprocessors, and data-storage memory.  In 2004, he joined Sonetics Ultrasound, Inc., in Ann Arbor, where he is currently a Senior R&D Engineer. His work at Sonetics involves the design and fabrication of micromachined ultrasonic transducer arrays for three-dimensional medical imaging.  He holds seven U.S. patents and has authored multiple publications in the fields of microsystems and solid-state electronics.

Cynthia Sheng Cynthia Sheng
M.S.E. (E.E.Sys.) ‘93

Senior Product Manager
Cisco Systems

Engineering and business executive with 21 years of experience in high tech, Cynthia has been with Cisco Systems for the past 14 years, during which time she held program management and engineering development leadership roles in bringing a new operating system to Cisco's comprehensive portfolio of Internet routing platforms in 2005, and in more recent years she has been with Cisco's Services business, as a senior manager, working directly with Cisco customers to drive predictability in business outcomes by applying Cisco's network and business solutions in mobility, cloud, security and enterprise collaboration to "the way we live, work, learn and play", in the Internet of Everything.  

Michael Blommer Michael Blommer
M.S.E. (E.E.Sys.) ’90, Ph.D. ‘96

Technical Leader

Mike Blommer is a Technical Leader at Ford Motor Company in North America.  He has been with Ford for 18 years, and his primary responsibilities include managing the VIRTTEX driving simulator group to develop and conduct studies in the areas of active safety, human-machine interfaces, and vehicle dynamics. He also conducts research and advanced engineering in the areas of vehicle sound quality and psychophysical testing.