Chia-Hsiang Chen Awarded Intel PhD Fellowship

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Chia-Hsiang Chen

Chia-Hsiang Chen, a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering, has been selected to receive a prestigious Intel Corporation Ph.D. Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year.

Chia-Hsiang's research focuses on designing low-power and error-resilient circuit techniques for digital signal processing applications. He is currently developing a new multi-antenna detector aimed at achieving higher energy efficiency and lower error rates through adaptive algorithms, architecture, and circuit co-optimization. This device is being designed for communication and computing devices such as cell phones, tablets, and sensors.

intelThe Intel Ph.D. fellowship is awarded to outstanding Ph.D. candidates at select universities in the United States, and includes the opportunity for recipients to be mentored by Intel engineers.

Chia-Hsiang received the Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award for work done during a 2012 Intel internship, and has taken first and second place in several course-specific contests that have been sponsored by industry. He is advised by Prof. Zhengya Zhang.