Asked and Answered – Jessy Grizzle Takes on Reddit

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Jessy Grizzle Robotics Ask Me Anything

Prof. Jessy Grizzle, newly named Director of Michigan Robotics, took to Reddit to answer the internet's burning questions about bipedal robots. The first in the department to tackle the medium, he spent a day fielding open questions from the public as part of an Ask Me Anything on the science subreddit. Questions ranged from deep algorithm inquiries to complaints about tough EECS courses. Check out the highlights below and read his full AMA here.

Dealing with a robot's center of gravity

On how his lab develops its algorithms

Dealing with wet floors or loose dirt

On Asimov's Laws for Robots

Why use bipedal robots?

How do you get started as a self-made roboticist?

Read even more in depth discussion from Jessy's full AMA!

Posted: October 10, 2016