Solar Car Team Spotlight: Alan Li

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Program: Computer Science

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Crew Team Position: Race Strategy Lead

"I grew up playing a lot of computer games in most of my free time. Personally, I'd rather play games to improve on myself, than just play for fun. When I get a game, the very first thing I do is try and figure out how everything works, all the mechanics, get a basic grasp on everything that I need to be aware of, and from there on it's figuring out what I need to focus on most. When it comes to games, or anything really, you need to stand back and look at what you're doing and realize, what did I do wrong or what could I have done better? I try to see the other possibilities. If you take it seriously enough, it really does show in the work you do. I think that's true for anything."

"When it comes to Solar Car, the very first thing you do is make sure to know the system that you’re responsible for, I have to make sure the simulator is working and that we can predict and evaluate. We want to use our energy efficiently. The hardest part is figuring out, is the weather going to stay like this? Are we going too fast or slow? These are very difficult questions to answer which is why we have a strategist."

"When I came here, I was just looking for something to do. I had spent a good amount of my life playing competitive games. I could’ve just taken classes, sat in my dorm room and played games but I wanted to do something, I wanted to find something that had to do with simulation."

"I love doing this stuff, I love being here and being around the team. If I could, I'd probably do solar car for a living. I would very much like to win. This is our project, and a once in a life time chance. Everyone on the team is only going to touch Novum this year, they may touch it it next year but it won’t be the same, it’ll be built already."

Posted: August 18, 2017