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Alumni Spotlights: 2000–2009

Chris Akerley

In October 2007, Chris Akerley (BSE CE ‘00) along with college roommate and former Wolverine Jeremy Nelson (BSE CE ‘00), started Afia, Inc., a Healthcare IT Strategy and Electronic Health Record design company. Currently, Afia is focusing on the behavioral health field and bringing Information Technology strategy and expertise to a field which he describes as long overdue for the benefits of technology. Afia has clients in Michigan, Virginia, and Missouri and is growing nationally. More information can be found at: www.afiahealth.com. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

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Chris Akerley (‘00)
Egor Alekseev (’95, ’00)
Farrokh Ayazi (’97, ‘00)
Tucker Dean Berckmann (‘05)
Tanay Bhatia (‘04)
Joanna [Borders] Bonjour (‘05)
Timothy Brandt (‘02)
Joshua P. Carroll (‘02)
Gregory Carver (‘01)
Kai-hui Chang (‘07)
Joy Chatterjee (‘02)
Eric Chmielewski (‘00)
Michael Cho (‘05)
Eugene Daneshvar ('05)
Koushik Das (’00, ‘03)
Rami Debouk (‘00)
* Chris Deline ('03, '05, '08)
Jill Dimond (’05)
Dmitri Dolgov (’02, ‘06)
Eric A. Durant (’99, ‘02)
Joe Fairchild (‘06)
Sébastien Fricker (‘02)
Kinjal Ashok Gandhi (‘03)
* Hannah Goldberg ('04)
Dhruv Gupta (‘03)
Ryan Haag (‘04)
Andrew Hamel (’01, ’03)
Laura N. [Carter] Hamel (’00, ‘01)
* Scott Hanson ('04, '06, '09)
Steve Hechtman ('09)
Jason Hemak (‘04)
Wyatt Galen Houtz (‘02)
Wan-Thai Hsu
Alpesh Jain
Hyun-Jeong Kim (‘03)
Smita Krishnaswamy (’04, ‘08)
Prema Kumar (‘03)
Mark V. LaRosa (’05)
G. Robert Malan (’96, ‘00)
Suraj Mansukhani (‘02)
Julie Anne Mayfield (‘01)
* Michael McCorquodale (’00, ’04)
Patrick McDaniel (‘01)
Samuel C. Miller (’02)
Jeremy Nelson (‘00)
Niels K.H.G. Provos (‘00)
Nicholas Savo (‘01)
Jeffrey Schox (‘04)
Greg Sharp (‘02)
Abigail Short (‘04)
Jay Sivagnaname (‘05)
Nikiforos Stamatakis (‘00)
Adrienne Stiff-Roberts ('01)
Timothy Strong (’97, ‘04)
Rahul A. Sumant (‘07)
* Raj Vable ('09)
Erin Wakefield (‘05)
Scott Wright (‘09)
Michael Xia (‘05)
Benson Yeh (‘05)
Carmela [Barnes] Young (‘03)

Egor Alekseev

Egor Alekseev

Egor Alekseev (MSE PhD EE ’95 ’00) a senior design engineer at MCE Inmet, Ann Arbor, MI, is delighted to announce the birth of his baby daughter, Tess Elisabeth, born March 2, 2002. [EECS News 2003]

Alekseev is engineering manager for Aeroflex/Inmet, in Ann Arbor. He is involved in all aspects of design, development, and support of high-frequency and high-power attenuators, bias tees, dc-blocks, adapters, equalizers and other microwave components. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Farrokh Ayazi

Farrokh Ayazi

Farrokh Ayazi (MSE PhD EE ‘97 ‘00) is associate professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His current research interests are in the areas of low and high frequency micro and nano electromechanical resonators, RF MEMS, VLSI analog integrated circuits, MEMS inertial sensors, and microfabrication technologies. Prof. Ayazi is a 2004 recipient of the NSF CAREER award, the 2004 Richard M. Bass Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Cutting Edge Research Award for 2001-2002. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Tucker Dean Berckmann

Tucker Dean Berckmann

Tucker Dean Berckmann (BSE CE ‘05) received a Fulbright Scholarship to work with the FORBIAS project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where he is studying computer systems in self-guided automobiles. Tucker has been interested in Germany even as a youth, and spent a year in Munich at TUM during his junior year at U-M. The photo shows Tucker in front of the Rathaus (City Hall) on Marienplatz (Main Square) in Munich. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Tanay Bhatia

Tanay Bhatia (BSE CE ‘04) is a software test engineer in the Data and Business Intelligence department of Microsoft, in Redmond, Washington. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Joanna [Borders] Bonjour

Joanna [Borders] Bonjour

Joanna [Borders] Bonjour (BSE CS ‘05) married Andy Bonjour May 28, 2005. They live in Steubenville, OH. Joanna is currently doing freelance web development. They are expecting their first child. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Timothy Brandt

Timothy Brandt (BSE CE ‘02) stayed at U-M after graduation to take a graduate course in ‘Geometric Modeling’ while working on a computer animation project. That led to a short gig with CIS: Hollywood, working on visual effects for the movie ‘The Core’. He then worked for Warner Bros. Animation, a small post house called ‘Ring of Fire’, and since May 2004 has been at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He worked as Look Development Technical Director on their first CGI feature, ‘Open Season,’ and will be moving into the software department to help with the new proprietary lighting / compositing tool, Katana. Using Katana, he will help the current shows (Spiderman 3 / Beowulf / Surfs Up) find a good workflow, and help write specific tools that they need. Next Fall, he will start work on the third Sony Pictures Animation film, ‘Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs,’ as a shader writer. Timothy tells us, “after being put on academic probation my sophmore year, I became very serious about school and realized all the wonderful opportunities available at The University of Michigan. I am eternally grateful for how well the University prepared me for my career. Thank You and Go Blue!” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Joshua P. Carroll

Joshua P. Carroll (MSE EE:S ‘02) is a project engineer in the Dryer Global Product Development section of Whirlpool Corporation. He recently completed a 3 year technical excellence program, and spent a 6 month assignment in Italy. He married his undergraduate sweetheart, Julie Harrison, Nov. 10th, 2001. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Gregory Carver

Gregory Carver (BSE CE ‘01) has been streamlining and digitizing patient information at GE Healthcare’s facilities at the U-M Medical Center since 2001. He has put his software development skills to use improving ED, ICU and Anesthesiology Department functionality through the development of digital whiteboards and other care-tracking systems. He recently stepped down from his position at GE to pursue another healthcare software venture, Care Evolution (headed by Dr. Vik Kheterpal, another U-M alumnus), which he says is creating new and exciting connections in electronic health records. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Kai-hui Chang

Kai-hui Chang (PhD CSE ‘07) received the 2009 ACM SIGDA Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award in Electronic Design Automation for his dissertation, “Functional Design Error Diagnosis, Correction and Layout Repair of Digital Circuits.” Kai-Hui previously received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the European Design and Automation Association. [EECS News 2009]

Joy Chatterjee

Joy Chatterjee (BSE EE ‘02) is working for Intel Corporation at the Washington site. She is a circuit board and logic design engineer. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Eric Chmielewski

Eric Chmielewski (BS CS ‘00) is a web and information systems developer for enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University. Before coming to CMU, he was a system analyst and programmer at Cornell University. Eric is currently working on a Master of Science in Information Technology with a focus on information security assurance. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Michael Cho

Michael Cho (BSE EE ‘05) is currently at UC Berkeley conducting research in carbon nanotubes fabrication. He is also working on an Internet project he hopes to turn into a startup that he calls a cross between Facebook and YouTube. It’s a place where the school population can share videos (e.g., school projects, student films, student group performances, protests, etc.). You can see what he’s doing on his blog. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Koushik Das

Eugene Daneshvar

Eugene Daneshvar (BSE EE ‘05), pictured left with Dr. Duna Raoof-Daneshvar and Steve Koski, is CEO and co-founder of SynapTech, a new startup company that specializes in the design, fabrication, and development of movable microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces. The company was launched in 2011, after winning the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) E-Teams Business competition for their technology focused on treating blindness. That same year they were awarded tenancy in TechArb, the local student business incubator. The other team members of SynapTech all have EECS or Michigan ties. Steve Koski (BSE EE '04) is in charge of business development and marketing for the company. Dr. Duna Raoof-Daneshvar is the chief resident physician in ophthalmology at U-M's Kellogg Eye Center, and she also received her undergrad and medical degrees from U-M. Eugene is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in biomedical engineering, and is working on characterization of electroactive polymer actuators in Prof. Khalil Najafi's lab. [EECS News 2012]

Koushik Das

Koushik Das

Koushik Das (MSE PhD EE ‘00 ‘03) is Manager of the High-Performance Circuit Design Department at TJ Watson Research Center (IBM Research Division). [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Rami Debouk

Rami Debouk (PhD EE:S ‘00) has a new position as Staff Research Engineer with the Electrical and Controls Integration Lab., GM R&D and Planning. He conducts research in the areas of fault tolerant architecture design and system safety. He was the recipient of a Best Paper Award at the 22nd International System Safety Conference, held this past August. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Chris Deline

Chris Deline

Chris Deline (BSE MSE PhD EE ‘03 '05 '08) is an engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, specifically at the National Center for Photovoltaics which is part of the Solar Energy Technologies Program.

U-M Solar Car: Meet Our Alumni Monday: Chris Deline
Read about Chris' proposal for safer renewable power at the NREL.

Jill Dimond

Jill Dimond

Jill Dimond (BSE CS ‘05) is working at a usability firm in Seattle working as a user interface designer (designing the look and flow of software and websites) and as a usability engineer (testing the software with actual users). She has been working with clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, and small dot com startups. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Dmitri Dolgov

Dmitri Dolgov

Dmitri Dolgov (MSE PhD CSE ‘02 ‘06) was named to the 2008 edition of the IEEE Intelligent Systems “Ten to Watch.” Dolgov is currently Senior Research Scientist in the AI & Robotics group at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, MI, and visiting research scientist at Stanford University. While a student at Michigan, he studied artificial intelligence with Prof. Ed Durfee. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Eric A. Durant

Eric A. Durant

Eric A. Durant (MSE PhD EE:S ‘99 ‘02) joined Milwaukee School of Engineering as an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in March 2002. [EECS News 2003]

Durant is the Program Director of the Computer Engineering program at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he has been an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department since March, 2002. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Sébastien Fricker

Sébastien Fricker

Sébastien Fricker (MSE EE ‘02) is an optics engineer at STIL (Sciences et Techniques Industrielles de la Lumière) in Aix en Provence, France. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Joe Fairchild

Joe Fairchild

Joe Fairchild (BSE CE ‘06) is running across the United States, an estimated 3,400 miles, to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that attacks the central nervous system. He covers 25-30 miles per day, pushing all of his essentials—a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food, water—in a stroller. “To me the run is a spiritual journey. I hope to discover more about myself while taking in the beauty of this great country.”

Joe started his run in Boston on August 8, and he will finish in Los Angeles. According to his blog, he reached Prescott Valley, AZ, after 174 days on the road, and 3,001 miles. His original goal was to raise $25,000 for the MS Society by the end of the journey. Fans can view pictures, read journal entries, and monitor his progress on his website, www.runsomemore.com. [EECS News 2009]

Kinjal Ashok Gandhi

Kinjal Ashok Gandhi

Kinjal Ashok Gandhi (BS CS ‘03) Ashok started his degree in Fall 2000, and after completing a coop at Convergys for his final term, graduated Summer 2003. He was hired Fall 2003 at Convergys, the youngest person ever hired at that company. He is an associate programmer/analyst for the Information Management Group (IMG). [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Kinjal Ashok Gandhi

Hannah Goldberg

Hannah Goldberg (BSE MSE EE ‘03 '04) is a Senior Systems Engineer at Planetary Resources, Inc. With investment funding from Google, Planetary Resources is the leading company in the new field of asteroid mining. Hannah went from working at one of the premiere labs associated with NASA, to being one of the earliest team members of this young company. The resources found on asteroids, including water and rare metals, could one day be used to refuel spacecraft mid-mission.

Read Hannah's profile in EECS News 2013.

Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv Gupta (BSE CS ‘03) is an associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Cincinnati, OH. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Gupta moved to New Delhi, India last year. After working with PwC in Cincinnati, he co-founded a social networking site, www.desimartini.com, in 2006, which recently was sold to HT Media. He now works as DesiMartini’s business head. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Ryan Haag

Ryan Haag

Ryan Haag (BSE EE ‘04) completed extensive nuclear technician training after his graduation and enlisted aboard the nuclear fast-attack submarine USS Hampton, for which he now serves as the Communicator and Assistant Operations Officer. He participated in an overhaul of the Hampton’s reactor control and combat systems before setting sail around the globe on four major operations. He and his wife, Rachel, are expecting their first child in July. They live in Chula Vista, CA. Haag is pictured here at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Andrew Hamel

Andrew Hamel (BSE CE ’01; MSE CSE ’03) and fellow EECS alumnus Laura N. [Carter] Hamel (BSE CE ‘00; MSE CSE ‘01) tied the knot. Hamel and Carter met as EECS undergraduates and were married on August 17, 2002. They live in Ann Arbor. [EECS News 2003]

Laura N. [Carter] Hamel

Laura N. [Carter] Hamel (BSE CE ‘00; MSE CSE ‘01) writes that, “Two EECS geeks tied the knot.” Andrew Hamel (BSE CE ’01; MSE CSE ’03) and Laura Carter met as EECS undergraduates and were married on August 17, 2002. They live in Ann Arbor. [EECS News 2003]

Jason Hemak

Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson (BSE MSE PhD EE '04 '06 '09) is co-founder of Ambiq Micro, which has developed and will sell the world's most energy-efficient microcontroller. The new startup has lined up over $2 million in venture capital commitments, with the goal of having sample units in the hands of potential customers in 2011.

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Jason Hemak

Steve Hechtman

Steve Hechtman (BSE EE '09) former project manager and driver on the U-M Solar Car team, is currently working at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab on the Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory (STO). As part of his work on this NASA Long Duration Balloon project, he traveled to the Southern Hemisphere via New Zealand and Australia before ending up in Antarctica. When he disembarked from the plane, he was treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. [EECS News 2012]

Jason Hemak

Jason Hemak (BSE CS ‘04) moved to Cincinnati, OH after graduation to take a role with GE - Aviation in the Information Management Leadership Program. For the last six months, he has been living in Brussels, Belgium working for GE Corporate. He will be returning to Cincinnati soon to start a new IT project management role within Aviation’s engineering division. Hemak is pictured here in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Wyatt Galen Houtz

Wyatt Galen Houtz

Wyatt Galen Houtz (BSE CE ‘02) currently works at Jackson National Life as a software engineer in the IT-Curian department, Lansing, MI. He was an assistant photographer for the New York Times last year, and has just completed a Literary Fiction novel, titled “One Wing,” which he hopes to publish in the near future. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Wan-Thai Hsu

Wan-Thai Hsu

Wan-Thai Hsu (PhD EE ‘01), Chief Technology Officer of the U-M spin-off start-up company Discera Inc., received the EE Times 3rd Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) award for Innovator of the Year. The award is given to an individual who brings leadership, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to a technology, a product or a business. For years the concept of using MEMS as a replacement for quartz had been theorized by academics but there were few who thought it would be possible to overcome the challenges required for real world use. Beginning in 2001, Hsu and his team moved the technology far beyond academic research, focusing on solving real world problems. Under Hsu’s technical vision and guidance, Discera successfully developed, qualified and began producing silicon MEMS devices for timing applications in high volume, targeting to displace a decades-old, $3.5B per year quartz crystal market. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Hsu was recently named “Innovator of the Year” by EE Times. Hsu’s work on a MEMS replacement to quartz technology has revolutionized timing-applications devices. The EE award is given for “leadership, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to a technology, a product or a business.” Wan-Thai Hsu (left) receiving the EE Times ACE award for Innovator of the Year from Ross Ayotte of the EE
Times. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Alpesh Jain

Alpesh Jain (MSE EE ‘00) is a component design engineer in the Wireless Computing and Communications Group at Intel Corporation, Austin, TX. Alpesh writes, “Austin doesn’t have a UM Alumni Association chapter, and I would love to get together with other Wolverines in town, to start one. So, if you are one, drop me a line ASAP!! Go Blue!!” Write to Alpesh at alpeshjain@yahoo.com. [EECS News 2003]

Hyun-Jeong Kim

Hyun-Jeong Kim (BS CS ‘03) works for LGE as a software engineer in Korea developing cell phones. She recently was able to return to visit North Campus and Central Campus. She recalled, “I was so happy at that time. Go blue!” [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Smita Krishnaswamy

Smita Krishnaswamy (BSE CE ‘04; MSE PhD CSE ‘04 ‘08) received the 2009 Outstanding Dissertation Award in the area of “New directions in circuit and system test” from the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) for her dissertation, “Design, Analysis and Test of Logic Circuits under Uncertainty.” [EECS News 2009]

Suraj Mansukhani and Prema Kumar

Prema Kumar

Prema Kumar (BSE CE ‘03) and Suraj Mansukhani (BSE EE ‘02) tied the knot November 25, 2005 in Dearborn, MI. They both work for the Boeing Company in Houston, TX. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Mark V. LaRosa

Mark V. LaRosa (BSE CS ‘05) is finishing his Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at the U-M School of Information. He recently accepted a job offer from Google’s Mountain View office as a User Experience Researcher and Systems Engineer, and will start his new job in late May. He is interning out of the Ann Arbor office until he finishes his degree. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

G. Robert Malan

G. Robert Malan

G. Robert Malan (MSE PhD CSE ’96 ‘00) is Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Arbor Networks. Dr. Malan has successfully transferred cutting- edge research from his days as a graduate student into a fast-growing network security company that provides products and solutions for protecting network service providers and large enterprises against cyber-threats. Arbor Networks was recently recognized by Inc. magazine as the 9th fastest-growing private company in America. Dr. Malan founded the company Arbor Networks in 2000 with his thesis advisor, Prof. Farnam Jahanian. When Rob was on campus, he visited his friends and colleagues in CSE and said, “I thought the new building was fantastic! I really liked the amount of natural light that pervades both the public and personal areas.”

Of his time at Michigan, Dr. Malan said, “There is no doubt that one of the main reasons Arbor has been so successful stems directly from the experience that I gained as a graduate student at Michigan. The University of Michigan and its partnership with Merit Networks provided a unique network research and operations environment. This environment led to the development of technology that was applicable to real-world problems on a realworld scale. This type of technology is the foundation for any successful commercial enterprise, Arbor included.” Malan received the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2006. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Julie Anne Mayfield

Julie Anne Mayfield (BS CS ‘01) tells us, “I’m working on Shark Tale for Dreamworks SKG as a software technical director, and 3D lighting artist. The movie is a 3D animated comedy about a little fish, his big white lie, and mobster sharks starring Will Smith and Robert DeNiro. It will release in October this year. I am also currently producing a short, animated film with a diverse group of people gathered from all the different studios in town. This short will be submitted to festivals around the world by the end of this year. It has given me incredible insight to the producing world, as well as complimenting my technical side with my co-role as a character technical director." [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Mayfield left research and development at Dreamworks Animation to pursue effects animation and development. Over the Hedge (May 2006) was her first movie credited in effects, and she is working on her next movie, Flushed Away, to be released November 2006. She was recently married in Malibu to Thierry Brame, and says, “Flushed Away is my last movie as Julie Anne Mayfield, with many more coming credited as Julie Anne Brame.” [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Suraj Mansukhani and Prema Kumar

Suraj Mansukhani

Suraj Mansukhani (BSE EE ‘02) and Prema Kumar (BSE CE ‘03) tied the knot November 25, 2005 in Dearborn, MI. They both work for the Boeing Company in Houston, TX. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Michael McCorquodale

Michael McCorquodale

Michael McCorquodale (MSE PhD EE ‘00 ’04) was recently named General Manager, Silicon Frequency Control Business Unit, Communications Division, for Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (ITD). Formerly he was CTO and founder of Mobius Microsystems. McCorquodale founded Mobius based on his doctoral research in precision analog integrated circuits for frequency generation and quartz replacement at Michigan. He holds inventorship on more than 30 issued and pending U.S. patents. Governor Granholm awarded Mobius for the Largest High-Tech Job Creation in Michigan in 2005, and the Small Business Administration recognized Mobius for developing the Innovation of the Year in Michigan in 2006. EDN recognized Mobius’ all-silicon spread-spectrum clock generator as one of the “Hot 100 Products” of 2008. McCorquodale received the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2009. [EECS News 2009]

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Patrick McDaniel

Patrick McDaniel (PhD CSE ‘01) led a recent study of electronic voting systems in use in Ohio. The investigation concluded that “all of the studied systems possess critical security failures that render their technical controls insufficient to guarantee a trustworthy election,” and was widely cited in the New York Times and other publications. McDaniel is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Samuel C. Miller

Samuel C. Miller

Samuel C. Miller (BSE CE ‘02), a Captain in the USAF, recently returned from a six-month deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he served at International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Headquarters. As Chief of the Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell, he coordinated over 3000 air support requests for coalition forces scattered throughout the country of Afghanistan. He also flew combat missions as a Weapons Systems Officer aboard an F-15E Strike Eagle. He is currently stationed at RAF-Lakenheath in the United Kingdom. Miller is pictured on the left. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson (BSE CE ‘00) In October 2007, along with college roommate and former Wolverine Chris Akerley (BSE CE ‘00), Jeremy started Afia, Inc., a Healthcare IT Strategy and Electronic Health Record design company. Currently, Afia is focusing on the behavioral health field and bringing Information Technology strategy and expertise to a field which he describes as long overdue for the benefits of technology. Afia has clients in Michigan, Virginia, and Missouri and is growing nationally. More information can be found at: www.afiahealth.com. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Niels K.H.G. Provos

Niels K.H.G. Provos

Niels K.H.G. Provos (MSE CSE ‘00) joined Google in 2003 and is currently working as Software Engineer in the Infrastructure group. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2003 where he studied experimental and theoretical aspects of computer and network security with Peter Honeyman at the Center of Information Technology Integration. He is a member of the Honeynet project and an active contributor to open source projects. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Nicholas Savo

Nicholas Savo (BSE EE ‘01) says that after graduation, “I was hired by Intel Corporation and moved to Sacramento California to join Intel’s Sales and Marketing Rotation Program. During the rotational program I moved from California to Oregon and held several different jobs within Intel’s core business units. I completed the rotation program in April of 2003 and was placed in Austin, Texas.” Nick manages all desktop and server Intel motherboard sales to Dell. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Jeffrey Schox

Jeffrey Schox

Jeffrey Schox (MSE EE:S ‘04) is a Registered Patent Attorney and the founding member of Schox PLC, a small patent law firm devoted to inventors and entrepreneurs. Drawing on his experience of over ten years in the patent law field and the filing of over 150 patent applications, Jeffrey strategically advises his clients and advances their patent portfolios. Jeffrey also teaches the course “Patent Law and Strategy” at Stanford University. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Greg Sharp

Greg Sharp (PhD CSE ‘02) has recently completed postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital, and has been promoted to Instructor on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Abigail Short and Adam Welborn

Abigail Short

Abigail Short (BS CS ‘04) has been working as a software development engineer on Microsoft Access since she graduated. In February, she gave a presentation at the Office Developers Conference in San José. In the last few years she has taken up ballroom dancing, which is how she met Adam Welborn, also a development engineer at Microsoft and now her fiancé. The wedding will be in November of this year. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Akshara Sivagnaname

Jay Sivagnaname

Jay Sivagnaname (PhD EE ‘05) and his wife Bhavani are happy to announce the birth of their second child “Akshara” (means either ‘a syllable’ or ‘eterna’ in Sanskrit). She was born November 30, 2008 at 9:43 am. The baby weighed 5 lb 13 oz at birth. Bhavani and the baby are doing fine. [EECS News 2009]

Nikiforos Stamatakis

Nikiforos Stamatakis (BSE CE ‘00) moved to Austin, TX upon graduation, where he worked as a software engineer in the Product Development Group for Dell. He developed patent-pending software used to manage the product testing process for all Dell hardware and software products. After two and a half years in Austin, he moved to New York City to work for the NFL as a software engineer. He has designed and developed a wide range of software, including a web application for NFL Officials, and credentialing software for Super Bowl 38. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Tim Strong and Becky Palmer

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts (MSE EE '01, PhD Applied Physics '04) received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Stiff-Roberts is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University. [EECS 2011]

Tim Strong and Becky Palmer

Timothy Strong

Timothy Strong (MSE PhD EE ‘97 ‘04) is happy to announce his engagement to Rebecca (Becky) Palmer, a registered nurse at Oakwood Southshore Surgery Center. They will be married in January. Tim is a senior R&D engineer at General Electric Analytical Instruments, formerly Sensicore, in Ann Arbor. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Rahul A. Sumant

Rahul A. Sumant (BS CS ‘07) is currently consulting with Capgemini (global French IT consulting firm) out of their Chicago office. “Lots of travel, lots of work, lots of frequent flyer miles! I’m having a blast though.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Raj Vable

Raj Vable

Raj Vable (BSE EE ‘09) graduated, magna cum laude, in December 2009. During his time at Michigan, Raj initiated a project that aims to power a computer lab at Jnana Bodhini School in India, using only solar power. Last summer, the school installed a 750 watt prototype system to drive three computers for five hours. Now, he and his team are working to power all 20 of the school's computers for the full school day. Vable will continue his engineering studies in a graduate program in sustainability. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2009]

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Erin Wakefield, Vaidehee Padgaonkar and friend Chris Hopkins

Erin Wakefield

Erin Wakefield (BSE CE ‘05) is currently living in Hillsboro, OR, and has been working for Intel for over a year as a Validation Engineer in Post-Silicon debug. She is very active in volunteering with animal rescue groups, snowboarding, and does pilates and yoga. Erin returned to Ann Arbor to recruit last February and will continue to do so in the future. Wakefield is pictured left with fellow alum Vaidehee Padgaonkar (middle), and friend Chris Hopkins (right) on a visit to Seattle. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Allan Evans and Scott WrightScott Wright

Scott Wright (PhD EE ‘09) pictured right and Allan Evans (PhD EE ‘10) pictured left are exploring different parts of the world in 2010, with trips planned for Taiwan, China, Thailand, Israel, Egypt, India, Nepal, and South America. They won’t simply be travelling as a way to take in the sites, however. Along the way, they’ll be connecting with a variety of public service organizations to help children and adults in need at the locations they visit. This includes teaching English in rural Thailand; teaching math and science in English to Sudanese refugees in Cairo; and helping to rebuild Pisco, Peru, which is still hurting from an earthquake a few years ago.

Believing that others share a similar passion for travel combined with a social consciousness, they formed the non-profit company Globe Shares; their mission is to facilitate global generosity. Globe Shares will connect travelers with places that could use their help, and they will help raise funds for the communities in need of building supplies and other basic needs. Allan and Scott will sit on the board of Globe Shares and continue the work even after they return and continue their careers as professional engineers. For more information, visit www.globeshares.org. [EECS News 2009]

Michael Xia

Michael Xia (BSE CE ‘05) works for Accenture as a reporting analyst, and lives in the DC area. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh

Prof. Ping-Cheng Yeh (PhD EE:S '05), teaching at the National Taiwan University, is one of the world’s leading innovators in modern education and e-learning. Prof. Yeh has pioneered many educational experiments and designs:

• He is the first to win the Overall Award and E-Learning Award in Wharton-QS 2014 Stars Awards: Reimagine Education, the "Oscars” of innovations in higher education.
• He is the first in the world to design a MOOC-based multi-student social game to enhance the learning experience of the MOOC students on Coursera.
• He is the first the design a serious game with mutli-student social features that can be applied to any courses, used by UPenn. and other universities.
• He has set a record of more than 2,200 teachers attending one of his speeches on flipped teaching.
• He is the engineering professor with the largest number of students in a Chinese MOOC course in Chinese with over 50,000+ students.
• He is the first to design various experiential learning schemes that enables college students to be graded by elementary school students on their presentation skills.
• He is the first to create and promote the style of designing mathematical problems with creative literary writing.

Since 2010, Prof. Yeh has been the strong advocator of his teaching philosophy: “For the students, By the students, Of the students". It states that students can be motivated to learn if the teachers can share more responsibility with the students, for instance, let students design their own homework problems. Prof. Yeh’s speeches have motivated tens of thousands of teachers in Asia to start thinking differently in teaching.

Carmela [Barnes] Young

Carmela [Barnes] Young (BSE CE ‘03) is an embedded software engineer at Smiths Aerospace in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She tells us, “It will be 3 years in May since I’ve been at Smiths and I really enjoy my position! In May, 2004 I was married, and my husband, Eann, and I reside in Grand Rapids. I enjoy my field so much that I am planning to further my education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Architecture/Embedded Systems from Michigan State University beginning this summer of 2006. I will continue to work full-time to take advantage of my company’s tuition-assistance program. I’m really excited about my Master’s opportunity and I am thankful to the U-M EECS Department for helping me to obtain a solid Computer Engineering foundation to do well within my career, and to God for blessing me with the opportunity to attend. I would like to extend special thanks to Prof. Martha Pollack, Prof. Toby Teorey, and Prof. Todd Austin who have been great mentors and provided excellent guidance and support of my goals and aspirations while I was at U-M and beyond. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]