Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Connect with Students


Michigan Engineering students are among the best in the world. To create the competitive advantage of the future by hiring these students, companies need to engage students on campus. There are critical resources available around campus that can assist corporate partners with recruiting and engaging EECS students. These resources include:

The Engineering Career Resource Center

Utilize the Engineering Career Resource Center to post internship, co-op, and full-time job opportunities. Particpate in the Fall Engineering Career Fair (3rd week of September), and the Winter Engineering Internship Fair (1st week of February).

Student teams and organizations

Our students are involved in a wide variety of competitive teams, and they are always looking for support, either in-kind or financial. Our student organizations, especially HKN and IEEE, regularly host companies who give Tech Talks and other presentations to our students. SWE is the go-to College-wide student group that organizes many recruiting activities.

Engineering Graduate Symposium

Each year in late October to early November, the College of Engineering hosts an Engineering Graduate Symposium, a college-wide event focusing on doctoral and master's programs and graduate student research. Come for a glimpse of the research happening in the department.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Fair

The day before the Graduate Symposium, Electrical and Computer Engineering hosts a career fair for industries interested in recruiting students in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering. Interested companies can complete an interest form.

Support students by naming your own endowed fund (main EECS Giving page)