Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Thursday  Jan. 08, 2015
Sloan Foundation Science on Screen Night: The Imitation Game
7:00pm - 10:00pm in Michigan Theater

Wednesday  Jan. 14, 2015
Reaching the Extremes of Planet Formation: Shockwave Experiments in the Giant Impact Regime
Prof. Sarah Stewart
UC Davis
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1005 EECS

Friday  Jan. 16, 2015
Cooperative Transport of Slung Loads by Teams of Autonomous Rotorcraft
Jack W. Langelaan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Pennsylvania State University, Department of Aerospace Engineering
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1500 EECS

MHacks V Hackathon
5:00pm - Next Day in Beyster Building, EECS Building, Dow Building

Friday  Jan. 23, 2015
MIT Cheetah: A Legged Robot for Disaster Response
Sangbae Kim
Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
08:00am - 3:30pm in 1500 ECES Bldg.

Monday  Jan. 26, 2015
First-Principles Simulations of Particle Acceleration at Astrophysical Shocks
Dr. Damiano Caprioli
Princeton University
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 335 West Hall

Wednesday  Jan. 28, 2015
Fowler-Nordheim, Field Emission and Field Enhancement
Dr. Donald Shiffler
The Air Force Research Laboratory
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1005 EECS

Wednesday  Feb. 11, 2015
Asteroid Retrieval and Mining using High Power Electric Propulsion
Dr. Dan Goebel
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1005 EECS

Wednesday  Mar. 11, 2015
Extremely Difficult, Hard to Validate, Painful to Analyze (but Exciting!): Experiments Studying Radiation and Heat Transport of Laboratory Plasmas at near Astrophysical Conditions
Dr. Ronnie Shepherd
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1005 EECS

Wednesday  Mar. 18, 2015
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration of Charged Particles
Dr. Patric Muggli
Max Planck Institute for Physics, Germany
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1005 EECS

Monday  Mar. 23, 2015
Distinguished Lecture Series
Rosalind Picard
Founder and Director of the Affective Computing Research Group
4:00pm - 5:30pm in 1670 Beyster

Friday  Apr. 10, 2015
A Long-term View of SLAM
John J. Leonard
MIT, Department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1500 EECS

Past Events

Friday  Dec. 19, 2014
Long-Term Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Dynamic Environments
Nicholas Carlevaris-Bianco

Wednesday  Dec. 17, 2014
Scalable Machine Learning Methods for Massive Biomedical Data Analysis
Takanori Watanabe

Tuesday  Dec. 16, 2014
Fast Variance Prediction for Iteratively Reconstructed CT with Applications to Tube Current Modulation
Steve Schmitt

On Networks and Behavior: Strategic Inference and Machine Learning
Luis Ortiz
Assistant Professor
Stony Brook University

Monday  Dec. 15, 2014
All Men Count With You, But None Too Much: Information Aggregation and Learning in Prediction Markets
Sindhu Kutty

Scalable Sources for Non-Classical Light using Local Slow-Light Engineering
Khaled Mnaymneh
Engineer in Research Lead
University of Michigan, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Compound Semiconductor-Based Thin-Film and Flexible Optoelectronics
Kyusang Lee

Implantable Neural Probes for Electrical Recording and Optical Stimulation of Cellular Level Neural Circuitry in Behaving Animals
Fan Wu
PhD Candidate

Friday  Dec. 12, 2014
Computer Science Education Week

Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Large-scale Optimization
Gesualdo Scutari
Assistant Professor
State University of New York, Department of Electrical Engineering

Wednesday  Dec. 10, 2014
Polarizable Particles and their Two-Dimensional Arrays: Advances in Small Antenna and Metasurface Technologies
Carl Pfeiffer
PhD Candidate

Noninvasive Measurements of Plasma Parameters Via Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Prof. Amy Wendt
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Robust Circuit Design for Low-Voltage VLSI
Yejoong Kim
PhD Candidate

Tuesday  Dec. 09, 2014
Silicon Nanophotonic Devices for Optical Interconnects and Biosensing
Ray T. Chen
Keys and Joan Curry/Cullen Trust Endowed Chair
The University of Texas at Austin


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