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Friday  Mar. 31, 2017
Synthesis Techniques for Security
Somesh Jha
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday  Mar. 16, 2017
It's OK to search forever, unless you are a program ...
Jeffrey Jones
Senior Lecturer
Ohio State University

Monday  Mar. 06, 2017
Probabilistic Inference of Inter-Component Communication in Mobile Applications
Damien Octeau
Software Engineer

Wednesday  Feb. 22, 2017
Random Numbers & Monte Carlo Methods
Kelly Rivers
PhD Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday  Feb. 21, 2017
Steps Towards Universal Computational Literacy
Mark Guzdial
Georgia Tech

Tuesday  Feb. 14, 2017
Pointers in C and C++ - Memory Abstraction and Encapsulation
Mitchell Bloch
PhD Candidate
University of Michigan

Monday  Jan. 30, 2017
Designing the Wireless Internet of Things with Ambient Awareness
Xinyu Zhang
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday  Jan. 26, 2017
Sublinear-Time Algorithms
Sofya Raskhodnikova
Associate Professor
Penn State

Wednesday  Jan. 25, 2017
Science on Screen: I Voted?

Wednesday  Jan. 18, 2017
The Biology of Software : Evolution, Robustness, Diversity
Stephanie Forrest
University of New Mexico

Tuesday  Jan. 17, 2017
Fixing the Plumbing: Securing the Internet's Core Protocols
Sharon Goldberg
Associate Professor
Boston University

Wednesday  Jan. 11, 2017
Architecting Formally Verifiable Systems Protocols
Luwa Matthews
Ph.D. Candidate
Duke University

Wednesday  Dec. 07, 2016
Effectiveness of inverted-lecture interventions to overcome common barriers to STEM student success
Katie Timmerman
PhD Candidate
Wright State University

Tuesday  Nov. 22, 2016
Game Design: Five Existential Questions
Sid Meier
Co-Founder and Director of Creative Development
Firaxis Games

Monday  Nov. 21, 2016
Machine Learning For Modeling Real-World Dynamical Systems
Byron Boots
Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology


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