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Past Seminars

Monday  Apr. 16, 2018
Human-Centric Machine Learning: Enabling Machine Learning for High-Stakes Decision-Making
Hima Lakkaraju
Ph.D. Candidate

Friday  Apr. 13, 2018
Beyond Inheritance: The Composition Pattern for Real-Time Visualization, Simulation, and Game Development
Austin Yarger
Graduate Student Instructor
University of Michigan

Wednesday  Apr. 11, 2018
Interactive Systems for Code and Data Demography
Elena Glassman
University of California Berkeley

Monday  Apr. 09, 2018
Computational Models of Human Behavior
Nikola Banovic
Ph.D. Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday  Apr. 04, 2018
Recovering a Functional and Three Dimensional Understanding of Images
David Fouhey
Post Doc
University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday  Apr. 03, 2018
Better Understandings of Efficient Data Structures
Huacheng Yu
Post Doc
Harvard University

Monday  Apr. 02, 2018
Unsupervised Learning for Large Scale Medical Image Analysis
Adrian Dalca
Post Doc
MIT and Harvard

Thursday  Mar. 29, 2018
Machine Learning By the People, For the People
Nika Haghtalab
Ph.D. Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday  Mar. 28, 2018
Characterizing the Space of Adversarial Examples in Machine Learning
Nicolas Papernot
Ph.D. Candidate
Pennsylvania State University

Tuesday  Mar. 27, 2018
Provable and Practical Algorithms for Non-convex Problems in Machine Learning
Yang Yuan
Ph.D. Candidate
Cornell University

Friday  Mar. 23, 2018
Understanding How Deep Neural Networks See
Michael Guerzhoy
University of Toronto

Thursday  Mar. 22, 2018
Introduction to Random Variables
Kim Khalsa Diaz
Lecturer I
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Mar. 20, 2018
Sensing + Interaction On and Around the Body
Cheng Zhang
Ph.D. Candidate
Georgia Tech

Thursday  Mar. 15, 2018
Perceiving the 3D World from Images and Videos
Yu Xiang
Post Doc
University of Washington

Tuesday  Mar. 13, 2018
Towards Generalizable Imitation in Robotics
Animesh Garg
Post Doc


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