Upcoming Events

Wednesday  May. 23, 2018
Nano-Scale Feature Profile Modeling of Plasma Material Processing
Chad M. Huard
1:00pm - 3:00pm in Johnson Rooms B & C, LEC

Friday  Jun. 29, 2018
Improving User Involvement Through Live Collaborative Creation
Sang Won Lee
3:00pm - 5:00pm in 3725 Beyster Building

Monday  Jul. 23, 2018
Interactive Machine Learning with Applications in Health Informatics
Yue Wang
3:00pm - 5:00pm in North Quad 3100 (Ehrlicher Room)


Past Events

Tuesday  May. 15, 2018
Scattering of Ocean Surfaces in Microwave Remote Sensing by Numerical Solutions of Maxwell Equations
Tai Qiao

Friday  May. 11, 2018
Turn-Key Stabilization and Digital Control of Scalable, N GTI Resonator Based Coherent Pulse Stacking Systems
Morteza Sheikhsofla

Wednesday  May. 09, 2018
Software-Driven and Virtualized Architectures for Scalable 5G Networks
Mehrdad Moradi

Monday  May. 07, 2018
Ultra-low Power Circuit Design for Miniaturized IoT Platform
Wootaek Lim

Design techniques for high performance wireline communication and security systems
Shiming Song

Friday  May. 04, 2018
Eliciting and Aggregating Information: An Information Theoretic Approach
Yuqing Kong

Tuesday  May. 01, 2018
Properties of III-Nitride-Based Polariton and Spin Polariton Diode Lasers
Aniruddha Bhattacharya

A Full Wave Electromagnetic Framework for Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification of Communication Systems in Underground Mine Environments
Weitian Sheng

Friday  Apr. 27, 2018
Systems and Methods for Measuring and Improving End-User Application Performance on Mobile Devices
Ashkan Nikravesh

Thursday  Apr. 26, 2018
Making Integrated Terahertz Imaging a Reality
Ali Mostajeran

Wednesday  Apr. 25, 2018
Architecting Memory System for Emerging Technologies
Byoungchan Oh

Tuesday  Apr. 24, 2018
High Efficiency Single and Multijunction Organic Photovoltaics
Xiaozhou (Amy) Che
PhD Candidate
Applied Physics, UM

Monday  Apr. 23, 2018
Keywords at Work: Investigating Keyword Extraction in Social Media Applications
Shibamouli Lahiri

Tuesday  Apr. 17, 2018
Frequency Comb Generation from Semiconductor Laser Diodes
Mark Dong

Tuesday  Apr. 10, 2018
Addressing Memory Bottlenecks for Emerging Applications
Animesh Jain


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