Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Monday  Dec. 12, 2016
Building Blocks for Sampling and Digitization in High-speed Communication Systems
10:00am - 12:00pm in 3316 EECS

Sechang Oh
PhD Candidate
3:30pm - 5:30pm in 3316 EECS

Wednesday  Dec. 14, 2016
Coherent nonlinear optical spectroscopy of InGaN disks in GaN nanowires
12:00pm - 2:00pm in 340 West Hall

Thursday  Dec. 15, 2016
Improving Usability of Mobile Applications Through Speculation and Distraction Minimization
Kyungmin Lee
1:00pm - 3:00pm in 3725 Beyster Bldg.

Tuesday  Dec. 20, 2016
Structural Results for Coding Over Communication Networks
Farhad Shirani
1:00pm - 3:00pm in 1200 EECS


Past Events

Friday  Dec. 09, 2016
Reining in the Functional Verification of Complex Processor Designs With Automation, Prioritization, and Approximation
Biruk W. Mammo

Multiple Volume Scattering in Random Media and Periodic Structures with Applications in Microwave Remote Sensing and Wave Functional Materials
Shurun Tan
PhD Candidate

Terahertz (THz) Waveguiding Architecture Featuring Doubly-Corrugated Spoofed Surface Plasmon Polariton (DC-SSPP): Theory and Applications in Micro-Electronics and Sensing
Zhao Xu
PhD Candidate

Thursday  Dec. 08, 2016
Control of Lithium-Ion Battery Warm-up from Sub-zero Temperatures
Shankar Mohan

Straintronics: A Leap towards Ultimate Energy Efficiency of Magnetic Random Access Memory and Logic

Tuesday  Dec. 06, 2016
Bio-inspired Hardware Architectures for Memory, Image Processing, and Control Applications
Yalcin Yilmaz
PhD Candidate

Monday  Dec. 05, 2016
Improving Mobile Network Performance Through Measurement-driven System Design Approaches
Sanae Rosen

Friday  Dec. 02, 2016
Ultra Low-power Wireless Sensor Node Design for ECG Sensing Applications
Jaeyoung Kim
PhD Candidate

Monday  Nov. 28, 2016
Metal Oxide Memristors with Internal Dynamics for Neuromorphic Applications
Chao Du
PhD Candidate

Friday  Nov. 18, 2016
Regulating and Securing the Interfaces Across Mobile Apps, OS and Users
Huan Feng

Friday  Sep. 09, 2016
Scaling Causality Analysis for Production Systems
Michael Chow

Ka-Band and W-Band Millimeter-Wave Wideband Linear Power Amplifier Integrated Circuits at 30 GHz and 90 GHz with Greater Than 100 mW Output Powers in Commercially-Available 0.12 um Silicon Germanium HBT Technology
Michael Chang
PhD Candidate

Thursday  Sep. 08, 2016
Analysis and Actions on Graph Data
Pin-Yu Chen

GNSS-R Remote Sensing of the Ocean: Surface Waves and Related Phenomena
David D. Chen-Zhang
PhD Candidate

Wednesday  Sep. 07, 2016
Graphene Transistor Based Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Applications
Che-Hung Liu
PhD Candidate


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