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Thursday  May. 03, 2018
Future Trends in Wireless Communications: 5G and Beyond
Jeffrey Foerster
Principal Engineer

Tuesday  Apr. 17, 2018
CMOS sensors: from cardiovascular signal to environmental monitoring
SeongHwan Cho
KAIST, Korea

Friday  Apr. 06, 2018
Nyquist-Rate Healthcare: Silicon Systems to Close the Sub-Sampling Gap in Health Monitoring
Amin Arbabian
Assistant Professor
Stanford University

Friday  Nov. 03, 2017
An embedded platform for the Internet of Secure Things
Javier Elenes
Distinguished Engineer
Silicon Labs

Thursday  Nov. 02, 2017
Tunable Cavities and Cold-Plasma Electronics for Reconfigurable RF Front-Ends
Dimitrios Peroulis
Professor, Director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center
Purdue University

Wednesday  Oct. 11, 2017
Ultra Low-Power Analog Front-End Design
Pieter Harpe
Assistant Professor
Eindhoven University of Technology

Monday  Oct. 02, 2017
Leveraging dense package technology in advanced technologies for large SoCs
Bill Isaacson

Monday  Sep. 25, 2017
Hardware and software progresses on designing programmable matter
Julien Bourgeois
Hardware and software progresses on designing programmable matter
Computing University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Institut FEMTO-ST, CNRS

Tuesday  Sep. 19, 2017
IoT Sensing Device and Machine Learning
Mingoo Seok
Asst. Professor
Columbia University

Wednesday  Jun. 28, 2017
Continuous-time Pipeline ADC
Hajime Shibata
Design Engineer
Analog Devices

Wednesday  May. 17, 2017
Tunnel FET Modeling and Exploratory Circuit Design/Compiling Analog-to-Digital Converters
Trond Ytterdal
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tuesday  Feb. 28, 2017
Auto-adaptive digital circuits – Application to low-power Multicores and ultra-low-power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Edith Beigne
Senior Scientist
CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France
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Thursday  Oct. 27, 2016
Tales of Commercializing Engineering Research and Related Irrational Endeavors
Michael McCorquodale
Adjunct Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
University of Michigan

Monday  Oct. 03, 2016
New Ingredients in the Pot - Rethink Analog IC Design
Nan Sun
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Austin

Thursday  Sep. 29, 2016
Microelectronics for Radiation Detectors
Gianluigi De Geronimo
Brookhaven National Laboratory


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