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Upcoming Seminars

Thursday  Oct. 26, 2017
Resilient Architectures and Algorithms for Generation Control of Inertial-Less AC Microgrids
Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
2:30pm - 3:30pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Nov. 02, 2017
Seminar by Chris DeMarco
Chris DeMarco
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin Energy Institute
2:30pm - 3:30pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Nov. 09, 2017
Seminar by Mahnoosh Alizadeh
Mahnoosh Alizadeh
Assistant Professor
University of California, Santa Barbara
2:30pm - 3:30pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Nov. 16, 2017
Seminar by Francois Bouffard
Francois Bouffard
Associate Professor and Assoc. Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
McGill University
2:30pm - 3:30pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Nov. 30, 2017
Seminar by Paulina Jaramillo
Paulina Jaramillo
Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon University
10:30am - 11:30am in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Dec. 07, 2017
Seminar by Seth Blumsack
Seth Blumsack
Associate Professor
Pennsylvania State University, EMS Energy Institute
2:30pm - 3:30pm in Room to be announced


Past Seminars

Thursday  Oct. 12, 2017
Remote Community Microgrids
Claudio Canizares
University of Waterloo

Tuesday  Jun. 06, 2017
Storage in Power Systems: Frequency Control, Scheduling of Multiple Applications, and Computational Complexity
Olivier Mégel
ETH Zürich, Power Systems Laboratory

Tuesday  May. 16, 2017
A (European) Perspective on Emerging Electric Machines
Annette Muetze
Graz University of Technology

Monday  May. 15, 2017
When the Correct Technical Solution Is Not Good Enough
Bruce Wollenberg
University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Thursday  Apr. 06, 2017
The Capacity Value of Retail Demand Response
Seth Blumsack
Associate Professor
Pennsylvania State University, EMS Energy Institute

Friday  Mar. 31, 2017
From Power Management to Energetic Intelligence: an evolutionary challenge for students and educators
Nicola Femia
University of Salerno, Italy

Thursday  Mar. 09, 2017
Energy Storage Performance Characterization for Microgrid Applications
Mariesa Crow
Vice Provost and Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Thursday  Feb. 16, 2017
Pricing Electricity through a Stochastic Non-Convex Market-Clearing Model
Antonio J. Conejo
Ohio State University
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Thursday  Feb. 09, 2017
Optimal Electricity Planning and Dispatching Incorporating Health Impacts
Valerie Thomas
Georgia Institute of Technology

Thursday  Feb. 02, 2017
Non-technology Barriers to the Deployment of Distributed Energy Storage
Ramteen Sioshansi
Associate Professor
Ohio State University

Thursday  Jan. 26, 2017
Grid Modernization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions
Jianhui Wang
Computational Engineer
Argonne National Laboratory

Thursday  Jan. 19, 2017
Operating and Planning Battery Energy Storage in a Competitive Market Environment
Daniel Kirschen
University of Washington, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
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Thursday  Jan. 12, 2017
Communication-Cognizant Hybrid Voltage Control in Distribution Networks
Hao Zhu
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana

Thursday  Dec. 08, 2016
Evaluating Storage Technologies for Wind and Solar Energy
Jessika Trancik
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Thursday  Nov. 17, 2016
Realizing Dispatchable Virtual Power Plants
Emiliano Dall'Anese
Senior Engineer
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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