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Tuesday  Jul. 15, 2014
Execution Stream Fingerprinting for Low-cost Safety-critical System Design
Brett H. Meyer
Chwang-Seto Faculty Scholar and assistant professor
McGill University

Friday  Apr. 25, 2014
Economic Mechanisms for Managing Risk in Heterogeneous Datacenters
Benjamin C. Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University

Wednesday  Oct. 23, 2013
Practical Language and System Support for Reliable Concurrent Software
Michael Bond
Assistant Professor
Ohio State University

Friday  Oct. 18, 2013
An effect-oriented approach to concurrency-bug detection and recovery
Shan Lu
Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Wednesday  Oct. 16, 2013
Cyber-Physical Systems: A Rehash or A New Intellectual Challenge?
Edward Lee
Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor
UC Berkeley

Friday  Oct. 11, 2013
Deriving Neurological Connectomes to Better Understand Complex Brain Functionality
Stephen Plaza
HHMI - Project Scientist

Wednesday  Oct. 02, 2013
Design for Security
Simha Sethumadhavan
Associate Professor
Columbia University

Wednesday  Sep. 18, 2013
Compilation for SPM-based Manycore Architectures
Aviral Shrivastava
Associate Professor
Arizona State University

Tuesday  Jul. 02, 2013
BigData and Dark Silicon: Taming Two IT Inflection Points on a Collision Course
Babak Falsafi

Friday  May. 31, 2013
Safe asynchronous event-driven programming in P
Shaz Qadeer
Principal Researcher

Monday  May. 06, 2013
Operating system support for high-throughput processors
Mark Silberstein
Post-Doctoral Fellow-UT Austin & new faculty at Israel Institute of Technology

Friday  Mar. 29, 2013
Cyber-Physical Systems at Small and Large Scales
Marilyn Wolf
Rhesa "Ray" S. Farmer Distinguished Chair of Embedded Computing Systems and Georgia Research
Georgia Tech

Thursday  Feb. 14, 2013
Synthesis Problems for Reliable Clock Network Design
Taewhan Kim
Seoul National University

Tuesday  Feb. 12, 2013
Optimizations for Cache-Coherent Networks-on-Chip
Natalie Enright Jerger
Assistant Professor
University of Toronto

Friday  Nov. 02, 2012
Disciplined Approximate Computing: From Language to Hardware
ACAL Seminar: Professor Luis Ceze
Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Washington


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