Upcoming Seminars

Tuesday  May. 29, 2018
The Physics Behind Automating Content Authoring
Balaji Vasan Srinivasan
Senior Research Scientist
Adobe Research Big Data Experience Labs
11:00am - 12:00pm in 3725 BBB


Past Seminars

Thursday  Apr. 12, 2018
Visual Computational Sociology: Methods and Challenges
Timnit Gebru
Research Fellow
Microsoft Research, New York

Tuesday  Jan. 30, 2018
Major Challenges of Using AI in Healthcare, and Some Potential Solutions
Kayvan Najarian
Associate Professor
University of Michigan

Friday  Dec. 08, 2017
Applications of Machine Learning to Portfolio Management
Tucker Balch
Georgia Tech

Thursday  Dec. 07, 2017
Situated Language Processing Towards Interactive Task Learning
Joyce Chai
Michigan State University

Tuesday  Dec. 05, 2017
Apache SystemML: Declarative Machine Learning for Low-Latency to Large-Scale Deployments
Matthias Boehm
IBM Research - Almaden

(How) should we use domain knowledge in the era of deep learning? (A perspective from speech processing)
Karen Livescu
Associate Professor
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Tuesday  Nov. 28, 2017
Inferring and Summarizing Multi-source Graph Data && Learning Actionable & Credible Risk Stratification Models for Healthcare
Danai Koutra and Jenna Wiens
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Nov. 14, 2017
Words and People
Rada Mihalcea
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Nov. 07, 2017
Hybrid Intelligence Crowdsourcing for Robust Interactive Intelligent Systems
Walter S. Lasecki
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Thursday  Nov. 02, 2017
Machine Reading of Natural Language and Interactive Visualization
Anoop Sarkar
Simon Fraser University

Tuesday  Oct. 31, 2017
Robots and Ethics
Benjamin Kuipers
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Oct. 10, 2017
Learning Fast and Slow: Levels of Learning in General Autonomous Intelligent Agents && Semantic Robot Programming
John Laird and Chad Jenkins
Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan

Tuesday  Oct. 03, 2017
Teaching Computers to See and Think
Jia Deng
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan

Tuesday  Sep. 26, 2017
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Sequential Decision Making Tasks with Natural Language Interaction
Satinder Singh
University of Michigan, Computer Science & Engineering

Thursday  Jun. 15, 2017
Artificial Intelligence Goes All-In: Computers Playing Poker
Michael Bowling
Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta


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