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Past Seminars

Friday  Apr. 13, 2018
Model-Based Development - The Prosperous Life, Evolution, and Impact of a Diesel Engine Model
Lars Eriksson
Linköping University

Friday  Apr. 06, 2018
Will geometric mechanics revolutionize multi-legged locomotion?
Shai Revzen
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Friday  Mar. 30, 2018
Control and Autonomy in the Age of Cyber-Physical Systems
Amit K. Sanyal
Associate Professor
Syracuse University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Friday  Mar. 23, 2018
High-efficiency control system development for connected and automated class 8 trucks
Greg Shaver
Purdue University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Friday  Mar. 16, 2018
Safe Multi-Vehicle System Planning and Coordination
Ella Atkins and Hossein Rasgoftar
Professor and Research Scientist
University of Michigan Department of Aerospace Engineering

Friday  Mar. 09, 2018
A Remarkable Feedforward Tracking Control Technique and its Application to 3D Printing
Chinedom Okwidure
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Friday  Feb. 16, 2018
Orientation Control and Consensus Using Piecewise-Continuous Sinusoids with Application to Microrobots and Small-Satellite Swarms
Jesse B. Hoagg
Associate Professor
University of Kentucky, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Friday  Feb. 09, 2018
Evaluating Model Predictive Control for Vehicle Powertrain Thermal Management Applications
Amey Karnik
Technical Expert in Controls Research and Advanced Engineering
Ford Motor Company

Friday  Feb. 02, 2018
From Kinematic to Energetic Control of Wearable Robots for Agile Human Locomotion
Robert (Bobby) Gregg
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas

Friday  Jan. 26, 2018
Tractable Algorithms for Hybrid Systems and Differential Games
Wei Zhang
Associate Professor
Ohio State University

Friday  Jan. 19, 2018
Compression Algorithms for Enabling High-Dimensional Motion Planning
Alex Gorodetsky
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Friday  Jan. 12, 2018
Cerebellar patients have intact feedback control that can be leveraged to improve reaching
Noah Cowan
Johns Hopkins University, LIMBS Laboratory

Friday  Dec. 08, 2017
Planning, Control and Perception for Agile Robot Navigation: Compression, Attention, and Anticipation
Sertac Karaman
Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday  Dec. 01, 2017
Battery Control Engineering (a really dry run of a CDC 2017 plenary)
Anna Stefanopoulou
University of Michigan, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Friday  Nov. 17, 2017
Formal Verification of Aerospace Software
Jean-Baptiste Jeannin
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering


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