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Upcoming Seminars

Friday  Sep. 05, 2014
Feedback Control of Bipedal Locomotion: Theory and Experiments
Jessy Grizzle
Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering Jerry and Carol Levin Professor o
University of Michigan, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
12:30pm - 1:30pm in 1311EECS

Past Seminars

Thursday  Apr. 24, 2014
Approximate computation and implicit regularization in large-scale data analysis
Michael Mahoney
ICSI and UC Berkeley

Thursday  Mar. 13, 2014
Perceiving Action in Space-Time: Computational and Human Perspectives
Jason Corso
Associate Professor
SUNY at Buffalo

Monday  Jan. 13, 2014
EECS Colloquium--Understanding Pictures of Rooms
David Forsyth
Professor of Computer Science
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Wednesday  Sep. 25, 2013
THz Imaging Arrays: Challenges and Opportunities
Imran Mehdi
Senior Research Scientist
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Friday  May. 03, 2013
Large-scale penetration of photovoltaics: impacts distribution systems and ancillary services
Duncan Callaway
Assistant Professor of Energy and Resources
University of California - Berkeley

Cyber-Attacks on SCADA System Infrastructures and their Consequences
Göran Andersson
Power System Laboratory, ETH, Zurich

Wednesday  Apr. 24, 2013
The 4th University of Michigan Data Mining Workshop

Friday  Apr. 19, 2013
Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Final Class Concert

Friday  Dec. 14, 2012
2012 Computer Games Showcase

Monday  Dec. 03, 2012
Computer Science Education Week

Wednesday  Nov. 14, 2012
Research Group on Quantum Communication

Monday  Nov. 12, 2012
CSE Graduate Honors Competition

Wednesday  Nov. 07, 2012
Research Group on Quantum Communication

Friday  Nov. 02, 2012
Cutset Image Sampling -- Reconstruction, Compression and More
David Neuhoff
University of Michigan - Department of EECS

Wednesday  Oct. 24, 2012
Research Group on Quantum Communication


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