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Past Seminars

Wednesday  Jan. 17, 2018
Making sense of the physical world with high-resolution tactile sensing
Wenzhen Yuan
Ph.D. Candidate

Monday  Nov. 06, 2017
Global Optimality in Matrix Factorization and Deep Learning
René Vidal
Johns Hopkins University, Vision Dynamics and Learning Lab

Monday  Oct. 30, 2017
Double Seminar by Tamara and Alex Berg
Tamara L Berg and Alex Berg
Associate Professor, Associate Professor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Friday  Oct. 13, 2017
Development of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Robotic Intravascular Active Catheter System
Cenk Cavusoglu
Case Western Reserve University

Thursday  Oct. 05, 2017
Everyday Activity Science and Engineering (EASE)
Michael Beetz
University of Bremen

Monday  Oct. 03, 2016
Sampling-Based Motion Planning: From Intelligent CAD to Crowd Simulation to Protein Folding
Nancy M. Amato
Unocal Professor, Regents Professor Computer Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

Friday  Feb. 05, 2016
Robots at Sea: From Drones to Autonomy
Gaurav Sukhatme
Professor and Chairman
University of Southern California, CS/EE

Thursday  Jan. 21, 2016
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall: Optimization Methods for Robust Planning and Control of Humanoids and UAVs
Russ Tedrake
Massachussettes Institute of Technology

Thursday  Sep. 17, 2015
Reachability and Learning for Hybrid Systems
Claire Tomlin
Charles A. Desoer Chair in the College of Engineering Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer
University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday  May. 20, 2014
The Next Technological Wave: Intelligence Technology (InT) for Intelligence Super-Agent
Jong-Hwan Kim
KT Chair Professor, Director, Center for Robot Intelligence Technology, Department of Electrical Eng


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