Natural Language Processing Seminar
Yahoo! Seminar Series

Automatic summarization: old problems and new challenges

Inderjeet Mani

Principal Research Scientist
Yahoo! Labs
Thursday, October 10, 2013
11:00am - 12:00pm
3725 Beyster Building

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About the Event

Recent developments, including the launch of Summly and its acquisition and integration by Yahoo, have raised expectations for the commercial prospects for automatic summarization. However, to address these expectations, there are several challenges that are relatively new to summarization research. At Yahoo Labs, we hope that the research community will join us in our adventure in addressing these challenges.


Inderjeet Mani is a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs in Sunnyvale, California. His research on natural language processing, spanning several decades, has included automatic summarization, extraction of information about time and space from language, the interpretation of narrative, and evaluation. He has published numerous papers and seven books, most recently Computational Models of Narrative and (jointly authored) Interpreting Motion: Grounded Representations for Spatial Language. Shortly before joining Yahoo Labs, he was Head of Research at Summly Ltd. and a resident of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he served on the board of the Children's Organization of Southeast Asia.

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