Theory Seminar

A parallel repetition theorem for quantum games

Yaoyun Shi

Associate Professor
University of Michigan
Friday, November 01, 2013
10:30am - 11:30am
BBB 3941

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About the Event

Suppose that the best chance of winning a certain game is s. Could the chance of winning all T independent copies of the same game much better than s^T? Such questions, besides being quite natural, are important for computational complexity, cryptography, and foundations of quantum physics. In this talk for the TCS reading seminar, I'll report a recent result by Dinur, Steurer, Thomas Vidick (arXiv:1310.4113), which extends that of Dinur and Steurer (arXiv:1305.1979) to quantum non-local games.


Yaoyun is an associate professor with CSE and works on quantum information processing.

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Sponsor(s): CSE

Open to: Public