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Algebraic Framework for Multi-terminal Communication

Arun Padakandla

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
12:00pm - 2:00pm
3316 EECS

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About the Event

In this thesis, we consider the problem of developing strategies for communication over multi-terminal systems and characterizing their performance in an information theoretic setup. We recognize that (i) physical layer strategies and codebooks, when employed in multi-terminal communication scenarios, interact, and (ii) to enable efficient communication, these codebooks must possess properties that favour such an interaction. We demonstrate that codebooks possessing algebraic closure properties, such as coset codes, aid favourable interaction and thereby efficient communication over multi-terminal systems. In particular, we employ coset codes and propose new coding techniques that exploit the algebraic closure properties, for communication over (i) multiple access channel with distributed states, (ii) three user interference channel, and (iii) three user broadcast channel. We develop a mathematical framework for characterizing the information theoretic performance of the proposed coding techniques to derive new achievable rate regions for the above three communication scenarios. We identify instances of the above three multi-terminal systems for which the proposed coding technique strictly outperforms all current known strategies. In essence, we develop an algebraic framework for multi-terminal communication and employ the same to take us closer towards a solution for the multi-terminal information theory problems that have remained open for close to four decades now.

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Sponsor(s): Prof. Sandeep Pradhan

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