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A Micromachined Millimeter-Wave Radar Technology for Indoor Navigation

Meysam Moallem

Monday, December 16, 2013
1:30pm - 3:30pm
3316 EECS - Haddad Conference Room

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About the Event

A compact, light-weight, low-power MMW radar system operating at 240 GHz is introduced to enable autonomous navigation of micro robotic platforms in complex environment. The short wavelength at the operating frequency band (1.25mm @ 240 GHz) enables implementation of the radar front-end components on silicon wafer using micromachining techniques. This work presents the design, fabrication technology, and measurement methodology of components for the micromachined MMW radar and the phenomenology of such radars in indoor environment. Novel passive structures are developed to realize a fully micromachined radar front-end. Low loss (0.12 dB/mm @ 240 GHz) cavity-backed CPW (CBCPW) line, broadband (BW=39%) transition from the CBCPW line to rectangular waveguide, MMIC chip integration transition, and waveguide directional couplers are designed to fully integrate active and passive components of the radar. Also a membrane-supported miniaturized-element FSS image-reject filter is developed for MMW radar applications. The structures are designed compatible with micromachining technology and optimized for minimum insertion loss. The designed components are realized over a two layer stack of silicon wafers using micromachining technology. Novel measurement techniques are developed to enable accurate and repeatable characterization of the micromachined components at MMW and higher frequency bands. To examine the utilization of the proposed radar for collision avoidance and building interior mapping applications, the interaction of electromagnetic waves with objects in the indoor environments is investigated.

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Sponsor(s): Kamal Sarabandi

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