Control Seminar

Automotive Emission Control System - Modeling for Control

Dr. Mrdjan Jankovic

Senior Technical Leader
Ford Research and Advanced Engineering
Friday, March 21, 2014
3:30pm - 4:30pm
1500 EECS

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About the Event

The low level of exhaust gas emissions from modern vehicles is a major achievement of automotive technology. Since the introduction of exhaust after-treatment catalysts, vehicle emissions have been reduced by well over two orders of magnitude. Low emissions have to be maintained in the presence of hardware faults, degraded catalysts, and varying fuel composition such as ethanol content. Contributions to this achievement come from engine, chemical, and control engineering. The presentation will try to illuminate the role played by control and, in parallel, illustrate selection and application of models in control design. The models considered in this presentation range from very simple to very complex – from frequency domain to PDEs. Operation of the overall emission control system will be described and control designs for several subsystems explained in some detail. The subsystems that are covered in the presentation are the “inner” air-fuel ratio loop which features the Smith Predictor, catalyst modeling for control of the “outer” loop, and adaptive detection of percent of ethanol in flex fuel vehicles. Experimental vehicle traces and emission test results will be used to explain the results and illuminate benefits.


Mrdjan Jankovic received a bachelor degree from University of Belgrade, and master and doctoral degrees from Washington University, St. Louis. He held postdoctoral teaching and research positions with Washington University and UC Santa Barbara. He has joined Ford Research in 1995 where he is currently a Senior Technical Leader working on development of powertrain control technologies. Dr. Jankovic coauthored one book, three book chapters, more than 100 technical papers, and more than 50 US patents, 17 of which are implemented in Ford products worldwide. He received IEEE Control Systems Technology Award, two Ford Technical Achievement Awards, and three best paper awards from IEEE, SAE, and AVEC. Dr. Jankovic is a Fellow of the IEEE.

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