Defense Event

A High Performance Micromachined Sub-Millimeter-Wave Radar Technology

Armin Jam

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
11:45am - 1:45pm
GM Conference Hall, Lurie Engineering Center

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About the Event

Abstract: Motivated by the recent interest in high millimeter-wave (MMW) and sub-MMW radar sensors for applications ranging from navigation and mapping in autonomous systems to public safety and standoff detection of concealed weapons, this work presents the technology in support of a sub-MMW radar with minimal Size, Weight, and Power consumption (SWaP). This includes development and implementation of novel design, microfabrication, and measurement methods and techniques to develop the passive RF front-end of the radar system operating at 240 GHz. The salient features of the proposed radar are its ultra-lightweight, compact form factor, low power consumption, and ease of scalability to higher frequencies. This talk covers development of high performance components and sub-systems for the RF front-end of the radar system. This includes frequency scanning beam-steering antennas with wide field of views and very narrow beams to satisfy the requirements for the high resolution imaging and navigation radar sensor. Moreover, a packaging and integration technology is devised to enable packaging of passive and active chips in the radar RF front-end. The packaging method offers a compact, low-loss, and wideband integration solution in the sub-MMW to terahertz (THz) frequency band which can be standardized for reliable and repeatable integrations at such frequencies.

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Sponsor(s): Kamal Sarabandi

Open to: Public