Research News

06/18/18 Undocumented immigrants' privacy at risk online, on phones
06/18/18 How to color-code nearly invisible nanoparticles
06/13/18 Cafarella Receives VLDB Test of Time Award for Structured Web Data Search
06/06/18 Designing a flexible future for massive data centers
05/21/18 Study maps careers of CS PhDs using decades of data
05/16/18 "Stitching" together a web user from scattered, messy data
05/15/18 Building a security standard for a post-quantum future
05/03/18 Harvesting clean hydrogen fuel through artificial photosynthesis
05/03/18 Light could make semiconductor computers a million times faster or even go qu...
05/02/18 $6.25M project will decode worlds most complex networks
05/01/18 CSE researchers win Best of SELSE award
04/24/18 Organic solar cells reach record efficiency, benchmark for commercialization
04/06/18 Solar cells enable self-powered camera
03/29/18 Improving communication between humans and robots in 20 noisy questions
03/28/18 Dmitry Berenson receives NSF CAREER Award to advance a robot's ability to...
03/28/18 SMAP Update: A mission to manage water globally
03/27/18 Preventing deadly hospital infections with machine learning
03/26/18 Michigan researchers discover vulnerabilities in next-generation connected ve...
03/07/18 Duncan Steel Co-Editor-in-Chief of Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 2nd edition
03/02/18 Cuba "sonic attacks" - a covert accident?
03/01/18 New computing system to enable deep space missions
02/20/18 Chat tool simplifies tricky online privacy policies
02/14/18 Michigan researchers predict emotions by examining the correlation between tw...
01/26/18 Internet-scanning U-M startup pioneers new approach to cybersecurity
01/25/18 Prof. Amir Mortazawi Introduces Robust Wireless Power Transfer
01/18/18 Semiconductor Breakthrough May Be Game-changer for Organic Solar Cells
01/15/18 Reimagining how computers are designed: University of Michigan leads new $32M...
01/09/18 U-M startup May Mobility blazes toward autonomous fleet market
01/05/18 CSE Researchers Funded to Enhance Online Communication
12/20/17 New quick-learning neural network powered by memristors
12/19/17 Unhackable Computer Under Development with $3.6M DARPA Grant
12/18/17 A shoe-box-sized chemical detector
11/27/17 New biodegradable hydrogel offers eco-friendly alternative to synthetics
11/20/17 Seed-sized U-M computers pumped into oil wells featured at the Houston Museum...
11/20/17 3D Printing Technology Facilitates Fabrication Of A Curved Organic Photodetec...
11/16/17 2017 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Outstanding Research
11/15/17 Prof. Chris Peikert Receives TCC Test of Time Award for Work in Lattice Crypt...
11/10/17 Michigan Researchers Win Best Paper Award at DFT 2017
11/08/17 New Funding for High-Fidelity Nerve Mapping Research
11/02/17 U-M Receives $1.6M Toward Artificial Intelligence for Data Science
10/27/17 Cooling off with Lasers
10/27/17 Precise pulses explore light's magnetism
10/20/17 Doubling the power of the world's most intense laser
10/17/17 Wearables to boost security of voice-based log-in
10/06/17 Precision Health at Michigan
09/25/17 Manos Kapritsos and Collaborators Win USENIX Security Paper Award
09/21/17 Using University of Michigan buildings as batteries
09/18/17 Michigan, Georgia Tech Researchers Funded to Deter Financial Market Manipulation
09/15/17 Improving Natural Language Processing with Demographic-Aware Models
09/12/17 Bionic heart tissue: U-Michigan part of $20M center
09/07/17 Getting People Moving: Walking Exoskeletons Could Mobilize Disabled Patients
09/06/17 BugMD: Automatic Mismatch Diagnosis for Bug Triaging
09/01/17 'Learning Database' Speeds Queries from Hours to Seconds
08/30/17 Codeon is the Intelligent Assistant for Software Developers
08/28/17 BigANT Tackles the Wave Field
08/25/17 Accelerating the Mobile Web: Vroom Software Could Double its Speed
08/24/17 Kurator Will Help You Curate Your Personal Digital Content
08/23/17 Movie Design for Specific Target Audiences
08/17/17 CHORUS: The Crowd-Powered Conversational Assistant
08/15/17 Social Interaction Patterns Provide Clues to Real Life Changes
08/03/17 $7.75M for mapping circuits in the brain
06/29/17 Apps available for your smartphone could steal your personal information
06/01/17 Seeing through materials with visible light
05/25/17 Dmitry Berenson Helps Robots Play Nice with People (with Video)
05/25/17 Breakthrough for Large Scale Computing: Memory Disaggregation Made Practical
05/23/17 Next-gen computing inspired by biology
05/10/17 Sister cell profiling aims to shut down cancer metastasis
05/10/17 Shai Revzen part of a new five-institution MURI focused on the control of dyn...
03/31/17 Open Ports Act As Security Wormholes Into Mobile Devices
03/23/17 Building More Stable Quadruped Robots: A Dog's Point of View
03/23/17 How to Build a BigANT Shai Revzen's Critter-Inspired Robots
03/22/17 Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens,...
03/17/17 Video: Tech Time - Software developed to help the blind
03/14/17 Sonic Cyber Attacks Show Security Holes in Ubiquitous Sensors
03/13/17 Ultrashort light pulses for fast 'lightwave' computers
03/08/17 Cindy Finelli: Community Building And Envisioning The Future Of Engineering E...
03/02/17 CSE-Based Startup Clinc Receives $6.3M in Funding to Further Develop Intellig...
03/02/17 Gopal Nataraj Receives U-M Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to Support High-imp...
02/24/17 Michigan's Millimeter-Scale Computers featured at ISSCC2017, and in IEEE ...
02/24/17 Snow science in action
02/23/17 CASSIE: A Tougher, Lighter Bipedal Robot with Eyes
02/17/17 Mingyan Liu: Confessions of a Pseudo Data Scientist
02/17/17 Harsha Madhyastha Selected for Google Faculty Award
02/15/17 U-M first in line for new bird-inspired walking robot
01/12/17 Becky Peterson Receives NSF CAREER Award for Research in Amorphous Semiconduc...
01/04/17 Kamal Sarabandi | Remote Sensing Science and Technology
01/04/17 Mark Kushner | The Role of Plasma Modeling
12/08/16 Google-funded Flint Water App Helps Residents Find Lead Risk, Resources
12/02/16 $1.1 million grant to develop robot emergency response capabilities
12/01/16 Video: The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility
11/30/16 Ushering in the Next Generation of Flat-Panel Displays and Medical Imagers
11/18/16 Professor to Congress: "Internet of Things security is woefully inadequat...
11/17/16 Video: Prof. Cindy Finelli and Engineering Education Research
11/15/16 Kevin Fu Testifies on the Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks
11/08/16 Harsha Madhyastha Selected for Facebook Faculty Award
10/26/16 Using cyber security to keep your ballot safe ahead of the presidential election
10/25/16 Jia Deng Selected as Recipient of PAMI Mark Everingham Prize
10/05/16 Solving the "Christmas light" problem so solar panels can handle shade
10/04/16 COVE: A Tool for Advancing Progress in Computer Vision
09/29/16 Shadows in the Dark Web
09/26/16 Cancer stem cells: new method analyzes 10,000 cells at once
09/08/16 How big data and algorithms are slashing the cost of fixing Flints water crisis
09/02/16 Hacking Healthcare - How Big Data is Driving Big Changes in Medicine
08/31/16 Correlation is Not Causation: Electrical Analysis of St. Jude Implant Shows N...
08/31/16 Holes Found in Report on St. Jude Medical Device Security
08/29/16 Necmiye Ozay Receives NASA Early Career Faculty Award for Research in Cyber-P...
08/18/16 Several Michigan Papers Presented at 2016 USENIX Security Symposium
08/10/16 Researchers David Adrian and Prof. J. Alex Halderman Receive Pwnie Award for ...
08/09/16 Solar power plant: New grant aims to cut costs
08/08/16 CSE-Based Startup Receives Funding to Develop Systems Based on Intelligent Pe...
08/08/16 Researchers Seek to Help the Disabled with Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair
08/03/16 With Over 7 Million Certificates Issued, Let's Encrypt Aims to Secure the...
08/02/16 New Venture is on the Path to Build Continual Learning AIs
08/02/16 Pioneering Engineering Education Research
07/25/16 Data Equality on the Internet Might Bring Unintended Consequences
07/13/16 MARLO makes initial attempt at the Wave Field
07/08/16 A Bipedal Robot Gets Its Swagger On
07/08/16 MARLO the bipedal robot seems to be tipsy
07/05/16 Can Slower Financial Traders Find a Haven in a World of High-Speed Algorithms?
07/05/16 Tracking and Mitigating Tail Latency in Data Centers
07/05/16 Two Michigan Papers Win Top Awards at IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium
07/01/16 Proxy Optimizes Webpage Loading for Better User Experience
06/30/16 A New, Low-Cost Way to Monitor Snow and Ice Thickness to Evaluate Environment...
06/30/16 Patented Camera Calibration Tool Automates Calibration Target Acquisition
06/30/16 Collecting Data to Better Identify Bipolar Disorder
06/30/16 An Award Winning Radar System for Collision Avoidance and Imaging
06/30/16 A New Way to Test Low-Frequency Antennas for Long-Range Communication
06/29/16 Rada Mihalcea Leads Research Team to Develop Analytics for Learners as People
06/29/16 CSE Faculty Amongst Researchers in Three of Four Funded MIDAS Projects
06/28/16 Two Papers by Michigan Researchers Chosen as IEEE Micro Top Picks
06/20/16 U-M cyber security startup purchased by FICO
06/14/16 U-M researchers work to determine when people are lying
06/13/16 The AI Machines Undergoing Behavioral Psychology Tests
06/08/16 Injectable Computers Can Broadcast from Inside the Body
06/07/16 David Chesney Awarded Funding to Research Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury
06/02/16 This "Demonically Clever" Backdoor Hides in a Tiny Slice of a Compute...
06/02/16 Undetectable proof-of-concept chip poisoning uses analog circuits to escalate...
06/02/16 Michigan and Verisign Researchers Demonstrate New Man-in-the-Middle WPAD Quer...
06/02/16 Igor Markov and Collaborators Issue Second Edition of EDA Handbook
06/01/16 Quora Knowledge Prize Winner Igor Markov Presents Winning Answer To Packed Ho...
06/01/16 Novel collaboration to probe brain activity in unprecedented detail
06/01/16 Security Risks in the Age of Smart Homes
06/01/16 Rada Mihalcea Coauthors New Book on Text Mining
05/27/16 Pressure-Sensing Smartphones: Software Lets Mobile Devices Feel Force
05/06/16 MARLO, the free-standing two-legged robot, conquers terrain with innovative c...
05/05/16 Making Memory Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger
04/20/16 Walter Lasecki and Collaborators Win Best Paper at W4A
04/14/16 GridWatch Named Finalist in Vodafone's Eighth Annual Wireless Innovation ...
04/13/16 Dropping USB Drives Is the Easiest Trick Hackers Can Use - And You're Pro...
04/13/16 Jacob Abernethy: Machine Learning and the Wisdom of the Crowd
04/08/16 University Collaborates with Toyota on Autonomous Vehicle Hub
04/06/16 U-Michigan, IBM collaborate on data-centric high performance computing system
04/04/16 With Hospital Ransomware Infections, the Patients Are at Risk
04/04/16 Malware Attacks On Hospitals Put Patients At Risk
03/17/16 Fundamental science will play a key role in finding cancer cure
03/17/16 U-M Researchers Launch Fight Against C. difficile with $9.2M Grant from NIH
03/16/16 Machine Learning Proves Useful for Analyzing NBA Ball Screen Defense
03/14/16 MEMS research to assist in treatment of glaucoma selected as a featured article
03/14/16 MEMS Fabrication Research Highlighted by the Journal of Micromechanics and Mi...
03/04/16 A better 3D camera with clear, graphene light detectors
02/29/16 Do kids learn more when they trade in composition books for iPads?
02/25/16 Honglak Lee Selected for Sloan Research Fellowship
02/25/16 Michael J. Cafarella Selected for Sloan Research Fellowship
02/16/16 Mosharaf Chowdhury Receives Google Faculty Research Award to Develop Improved...
02/09/16 Power Harvesting Sensor Patch Uses Your Body As a Battery
02/09/16 Injectable Radios to Broadcast From Inside the Body
02/04/16 Necmiye Ozay Receives CAREER Award for Research in Cyber-Physical Systems
02/03/16 Jenna Wiens Receives NSF CAREER Award to Increase the Utility of Machine Lear...
02/02/16 Barzan Mozafari Receives NSF CAREER Award to Improve Predictability of Databa...
01/29/16 Energy researchers receive grant for power system optimization
01/26/16 What good is Nanotechnology? NBC Learn brings us Jay Guo to find out
01/18/16 Somin Lee Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award for Research in Bioplasmonics
01/14/16 U-M, IBM Partner on Advanced Conversational Computing System
01/14/16 Censys Enables Fast Searching of Actionable Internet Data
01/11/16 U-M, Ford are First to Address Autonomous Driving on Snow-Covered Roads
12/15/15 How someday robots may run to the rescue -- literally
12/15/15 Michigan Researchers Win the 2016 Applied Networking Research Prize
12/11/15 Mapping the brain: Probes with tiny LEDs shed light on neural pathways
11/24/15 2015 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Outstanding Research
11/17/15 Ford, Michigan Researchers Test First Autonomous Vehicle at Mcity
11/16/15 The Promise and Perils of Predictive Policing Based on Big Data
11/04/15 U-M Leading International Neurotechnology 'Dream Team' for Brain Rese...
10/28/15 The Future of Data Science: Kicking Off U-Ms Proactive Step into an Explodin...
10/19/15 Phosphorescent OLEDs glow deep blue - almost ready for prime time
10/12/15 Getting the Light Out (of OLEDs)
09/28/15 Layered Graphene Beats the Heat
09/11/15 Inspired by art, lightweight solar cells track the sun
09/11/15 Glucose Monitoring with Lasers
09/11/15 U of Michigan Project Combines Modeling and Machine Learning
09/10/15 Michigan Researchers Win Best Paper Award at VLDB 2015
08/13/15 University of Michigan Develops Social Sensory Surfaces for Autism Therapy [V...
08/11/15 Michigan Rolls a Different Kind of Car off a Different Kind of Assembly Line
08/11/15 Mary Lou Dorf Wins Best Paper Award at ASEE
07/21/15 Researchers Employ Unsupervised Funniness Detection in the New Yorker Cartoon...
07/16/15 Improving the image quality of ultra-low dose CT scans with big data
07/13/15 An Autonomous "SmartCart" Testbed is Coming to Michigan
07/01/15 Next generation laser plasma accelerator
06/17/15 Researching the Future of Remote Sensing
06/09/15 New Michigan-Saudi Arabia Collaboration Promises Exciting New Research - Begi...
06/03/15 Michigan Researchers Win Both Best Paper Awards at AAMAS 2015
06/02/15 Mud-Fueled Smart Sensors for the Bottom of the Ocean
06/01/15 Michigan Researchers Win Best Poster Award at MobiSys 2015
05/19/15 What makes cancer cells spread? New device offers clues
05/13/15 Computer Engineering Research Lab Explores the Bounds of Computer Integration
05/13/15 Space Tethers Can Be Used to Fling Spacecraft Into Interplanetary Space
05/12/15 Designing Machines - Can we create machines who learn like we do?
04/01/15 Worlds Largest Processor Announced; Perfect for Big Data and Other Applications
03/23/15 Security Flaw in New South Wales Puts Thousands of Online Votes at Risk
03/18/15 Michigan Micro Mote (M3) Makes History
03/12/15 Meet Sirius: An Open-Source Digital Assistant
02/27/15 EE Times Highlights ECE Research at ISSCC
02/23/15 Prabal Dutta Selected for Sloan Research Fellowship
02/23/15 J. Alex Halderman Selected for Sloan Research Fellowship
02/18/15 Jacob Abernethy Receives NSF CAREER Award
02/18/15 Grant Schoenebeck Receives NSF CAREER Award
02/17/15 Jason Corso Receives Google Faculty Research Award
01/20/15 CSE Graduate Student Develops Lower-Cost Self-Driving Car Navigation System
01/09/15 Researchers Gather at CSE for Midwest Theory Day
01/08/15 The Center for Future Architectures Research Holds Annual Research Review at U-M
01/07/15 Computer Architecture Researchers Debate Future for Von Neumann Architecture
12/19/14 Protean Code Allows Data Center Servers to Adapt to Changing Environments wit...
12/18/14 The Future of Solar: $1.3M to Advance Organic Photovoltaics
12/09/14 Scott Mahlke Elected IEEE Fellow for Contributions to Compiler Code Generatio...
11/18/14 CS Researchers Introduce New Certificate Authority in Aim to Securely Encrypt...
11/12/14 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at ACM IMC for Analysis of the Impac...
11/11/14 Yelin Kim Wins Best Student Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2014 for Research i...
11/07/14 Michigan and Prof. Forrest awarded photovoltaics R&D award from the U.S. Dept...
11/06/14 Yang Liu Receives Best Applications Paper Award for Cyber Security Research i...
11/05/14 John P. Hayes Recognized with SIGDA Pioneering Achievement Award
11/03/14 Prof. Robert Dick to Apply Cyber Information to Air Quality Management
10/22/14 Prof. Johanna Mathieu Working to Bring Power from Sustainable Sources to Your...
10/15/14 Prof. Becky Peterson Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award to Investigate New Mat...
10/15/14 Prof. Necmiye Ozay Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research in Cyber an...
10/02/14 Mapping the brain with lasers
09/26/14 Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics
09/11/14 Fighting lung cancer with faster image processing
09/11/14 Jia Deng Wins Best Paper Award at ECCV
08/27/14 Kyu-Tae Lee Wins Best Poster Award for Colorful Solar Cells
08/25/14 Shared Memory in Mobile Operating Systems Provides Ingress Point for Hackers
08/22/14 Researchers Expose Security Flaws in Backscatter X-ray Scanners
08/21/14 Sensors in the Soil (video)
08/21/14 Researchers Demo Hack to Seize Control of Municipal Traffic Signal Systems
08/21/14 Solving the Big Data Dilemma
08/13/14 Can Our Computers Continue to Get Smaller and More Powerful?
08/11/14 Vulnerabilities Demonstrated in Traffic Signal Controls
08/07/14 New graphene sensor technology for personal and environmental health
08/06/14 Optoelectronics: A practical polariton laser
07/31/14 Shrinking the size of optical systems, exponentially
07/30/14 Gurkan Gok Receives Paper Award for Making Better Antenna Beams
07/23/14 Jiangfeng Wu Receives Best Paper Award for Research in Safe Fracking
07/18/14 Barzan Mozafari and Collaborators Chosen for Best Demo at ACM SIGMOD
07/18/14 Jeremy Gibson Authors Book on Game Design, Prototyping, and Programming
07/17/14 Audio Story: Dissecting Voices to Find the Hidden Call For Help
07/17/14 Wakefield and Kieras Win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014
07/15/14 Thomas Frost Receives Best Paper Award for Achieving a HQ QD Red Laser
07/03/14 David Kieras Wins a Best Paper Award at CHI 2014
07/03/14 Grant Schoenebeck Selected for Facebook Faculty Award
06/26/14 Metal particles in memristors do not stay put
06/24/14 New Research Program to Investigate Optical Energy Conversion
06/23/14 A better light bulb
06/18/14 MEMS Research by Muzhi Wang Recognized at IMS 2014
06/17/14 Designing robots that assemble and adapt
06/11/14 Computer Scientists Author Book on Hardware Prefetching
06/05/14 A new way to make laser-like beams using 250x less power
06/04/14 Robotics Researchers Ready for Automated Vehicle Test Facility
05/29/14 Making Smartphones Smarter: HiJack Adopted for Use in Commercial Product
05/22/14 Small, Simple Terahertz Detector Converts The Pulses To Sound
05/19/14 T-ray converts light to sound for weapons detection, medical imaging
05/16/14 Researchers Identify Security Risks in Estonian Online Voting System
05/12/14 Research in Machine Learning earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS 2014
05/12/14 Leaders in Ultra Low Power Circuits and Systems Presenting at VLSI Circuits S...
05/09/14 Listening to Bipolar Disorder: Smartphone App Detects Mood Swings via Voice A...
05/07/14 Heartbleed: Behind the Scenes at CSE
04/30/14 Hao Sun Earns 3 Paper Awards for Medical Imaging Research
04/28/14 Powering the Internet of Things (video)
04/28/14 Startup Virta Labs Wins Ann Arbor SPARK Best of Boot Camp
04/17/14 Halderman and Lafortune Join TerraSwarm Research Center
04/07/14 Michael Lewis says the market is rigged. But his Flash Boys rigged themselves.
04/01/14 Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ISPASS 2014
04/01/14 Technological Singularity Passes, Unnoticed Until Now
03/31/14 Bringing batteryless sensors to market
03/18/14 New tech could lead to night vision contact lenses
03/05/14 Michael Wellman Recognized with ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award
03/03/14 Transparent color solar cells fuse energy, beauty
03/03/14 Photon Glue Enables New Quantum State That Could Mean Better Lighting, Solar ...
02/21/14 New Center Develops Technologies to Help Youths with Disabilities
02/19/14 What are quantum computers going to do for us?
02/13/14 Biochips for better cancer therapy
01/28/14 Prabal Dutta Selected for NSF CAREER Award
01/16/14 Zhaoshi Meng Receives Best Paper Award at CAMSAP 2013
12/12/13 Jia Deng Wins Marr Prize at ICCV
12/05/13 H.V. Jagadish Awarded Gates Foundation Grant to Leverage Data for Social Good
12/05/13 Cheating on Exams with Smartwatches
12/05/13 Rada Mihalcea to Study Physiological and Linguistic Signals of Human Behavior
12/04/13 Two-legged robot walks outside at U-Michigan
11/26/13 MCubed A Year Later: A Record of Fostering Innovative Research
11/21/13 ECE Research on Display (with event photo gallery)
11/04/13 New algorithms and theory for shining light through non-transparent media
10/30/13 Making the Internet of Things Happen
10/30/13 Kyu Hyun Kim Receives Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Award
10/30/13 How a metamaterial might improve a depression treatment
10/17/13 Better miniaturized vacuum pumps for electronics and sensors
10/14/13 Dragomir Radev Assembles Two-Volume Collection of NACLO Linguistics Puzzles
09/26/13 Research that will lead to sharper photos earns best paper award
09/21/13 Nanotechnology and Progress: A Quantum Entanglement
09/19/13 Rada Mihalcea Selected for NSF INSPIRE Award
08/29/13 Iranian Internet Censorship System Profiled for First Time
08/26/13 Edwin Olson Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award
08/20/13 Download ZMap and Scan the Entire Internet in Less Than 45 Minutes
08/20/13 New Grant: Reducing Computer Viruses in Health Networks
08/15/13 Image processing 1,000 times faster is goal of new $5M contract
08/13/13 Jae Young Park Receives Best Student Paper Award for Research Impacting Struc...
08/07/13 Faster, more powerful mobile devices: U-M startup Crossbar could disrupt the ...
07/10/13 When GPS fails, this speck of an electronic device could step in
06/26/13 Two Papers by CSE Researchers Chosen as IEEE Micro Top Picks
06/25/13 New laser shows what substances are made of; could be new eyes for military
06/24/13 Elliot Soloway Selected for Google App Engine Education Award
06/18/13 Researchers Show That High-Frequency Trading Tactic Lowers Investor Profits
05/31/13 Researchers Work Recognized Amongst Notable Computing Books and Articles of 2012
05/28/13 Fourth Annual Data Mining Workshop Brings Together Close to 200 Researchers
05/17/13 New cyber-physical systems grants to advance health, energy & transportation
05/17/13 Security Risks Found in Sensors for Heart Devices, Consumer Electronics
05/15/13 A new laser paradigm: An electrically injected polariton laser
05/10/13 Workshop Brings Together Industry and Researchers on Medical Device Security ...
05/10/13 Researchers Develop Tools to Better Leverage Tweets in Spotting Trends
04/29/13 Research in distributed networks earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS
04/16/13 GapSense Could Alleviate Wireless Traffic Jams; Improve Network Performance
04/12/13 A better single-photon emitter for quantum cryptography
04/05/13 Better than X-rays: A more powerful terahertz imaging system
04/03/13 CSE Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ASPLOS 2013
03/28/13 Researchers Funded to Develop a Leap Forward in Processor Architectures
03/25/13 NAE Awards Mona Jarrahi a Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering Grant
03/25/13 After Newtown: A new use for a weapons-detecting radar?
03/21/13 CSE Researchers Win Best Paper Award at HPCA 2013
03/20/13 U-M partners with Israeli university on renewable energy
02/26/13 Scientific Milestone: A room temperature Bose-Einstein condensate
02/22/13 Cockroaches and robots: Reverse engineering the balance systems of animals
02/14/13 Translating animal movement into better robotic design
02/07/13 Next-gen e-readers: Improved peacock technology could lock in color for high-...
02/06/13 Mighty Mobile: A Supercomputer in Your Pocket
02/05/13 Computers that mimic the brain thanks to memristors (video)
02/05/13 Predicting your risk of illness
02/05/13 Lowering CT Radiation for Improved Health
01/31/13 CS Undergrads Develop Learning Apps for Singapore 3rd Graders
01/30/13 David Wentzloff Receives CAREER Award for Research in Energy-Autonomous Systems
01/29/13 Zhaohui Zhong Receives CAREER Award for Research in Graphene-based Optoelectr...
01/22/13 MCubing by ECE Faculty to find answers - fast
01/22/13 EECS faculty are MCubing to find answers - fast
01/17/13 Using HERCULES to probe the interior of dense plasmas
01/17/13 New $28M C-FAR Center Will Develop Computers of 2025
12/20/12 Super-fine sound beam could one day be an invisible scalpel
12/05/12 Most exciting optics research in the past year
11/28/12 Juan Rivas Receives CAREER Award for Research in Next-Generation Power Electr...
11/08/12 Research on Display at the 2012 Graduate Symposium
11/08/12 Computer Scientists Author Book on Physical Synthesis Optimization
11/05/12 2012 ICCAD Ten Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award
10/26/12 Computer Scientists Author Book on Reducing Uncertainty in Logic Circuit Design
10/24/12 Todd Austin Receives A. Richard Newton GSRC Industrial Impact Award for 2012
10/22/12 Jason Flinn Authors Book on Mobile and Pervasive Computing
10/17/12 Researchers Including Dr. Gyemin Lee Win the Best Paper Award at IEEE HISB Co...
10/10/12 Bourne pursuit: Improving computer tracking of human activity
10/02/12 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at 21st USENIX Security Symposium
09/26/12 Developing the Wireless Component for Personalized Health Devices
09/21/12 Signal Processing @ Michigan: Putting Theory to Work for a Better World
09/20/12 Enabling flexible, transparent electronics with high speed communications for...
09/07/12 Todd Austin and Colleague Author New Edition of Book on Structured Computer O...
08/30/12 Nano-origami project combines art and engineering to further technology
08/16/12 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives NASA Early Career Grant to Develop Technology Needed...
07/05/12 Research by Silvio Savarese applying computer vision techniques to constructi...
06/27/12 Research Spotlight: Sensors and Actuators for Portable Microsystems
06/21/12 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at Turing Centenary Conference
06/20/12 ECE startup, PicoCal, receives a a Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP) gr...
05/29/12 Researchers Demonstrate Firewall Vulnerability in Cell Network
05/02/12 Michael Wellman Selected for IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award for 2012
04/27/12 The worlds first two-legged robot with a trip reflex
04/26/12 Third Annual Data Mining Workshop Encourages Collaborations
04/24/12 New Textbook: Engineering Signals and Systems
04/23/12 Prof. Mingyan Liu Receives Best Paper Award at the 11th ACM/IEEE Conference o...
04/19/12 John Laird Authors Book on Soar Cognitive Architecture
04/18/12 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at ISPASS-2012
04/13/12 Robots Building Better Maps: for robots and other mechanical creatures
04/10/12 Prof. Emeritus John Meyer Selected for 2012 Jean-Claude Laprie Award
04/10/12 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at HPCA
04/09/12 CSE Research is Highlighted at Michigan Robotics Day
04/05/12 Michigan Robotics Day 2012 Will Spotlight CSE Research
04/03/12 Satish Narayanasamy Receives NSF CAREER Award for Work in Simplifying Paralle...
04/03/12 $10 million NSF project to advance computer programming
03/29/12 Mona Jarrahi Receives ONR Young Investigator Award
03/29/12 Artificial synapses could lead to advanced computer memory and machines that ...
03/26/12 Next-generation computer memory firm receives U-Ms first startup investment
03/13/12 A new way to cool materials with light
03/12/12 Security Researchers Publish Details of Online Voting Hack
02/29/12 Mona Jarrahi Receives Crosby Research Award
02/28/12 Computational Sprinting Pushes Smartphones Till They Are Tired
02/23/12 Cleaner, longer-lasting lighting the goal of a new company called Arborlight
02/21/12 Technology from EECS Startup Cyclos Semiconductor to be Included in New AMD P...
02/20/12 Research Spotlight: 3-D electrical force fields manipulate microscale particles
02/17/12 Alex Halderman Featured in PBS Story on the Security of Internet Voting
02/15/12 Security Researchers Describe Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities in Public Key ...
01/19/12 New technology allows CT scans to be done with a fraction of the conventional...
01/16/12 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award
12/09/11 Wireless sensor network research makes hot tech list
12/01/11 New coating makes objects invisible
11/30/11 A smarter way to make ultraviolet light beams
11/22/11 Insect cyborgs to search and monitor hazardous environs
11/09/11 Ian Hiskens Presented with an IEEE Power & Energy Society Prize Paper Award f...
11/03/11 New Method for Building a Low-cost, High-Performance Electric Machine and Dri...
10/18/11 New research program aims to make better sense of the world
10/12/11 Research about a Resilient Sensor Network for Plants Recognized with Best Tra...
10/06/11 Colored solar cells could make display screens more efficient
10/06/11 Modernizing the Nations Electric Grid for Alternative Energy
10/01/11 Testing the commercial potential of organic solar cells
09/30/11 Researchers Funded to Create Processors That Run Without Battery Power
09/28/11 EKG Data Mined to Predict Heart Attack Fatalities
09/26/11 Computer Scientists Win Best Paper Award at MobiCom 2011 Conference
09/20/11 Powering breakthrough technologies
09/19/11 E-MILI Could Dramatically Improve Smartphone Battery Life
09/18/11 Next-generation Systems Information Theory
09/09/11 New NSF Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials
09/07/11 Silvio Savarese Authors Book in the Field of Computer Vision
09/01/11 Computer Scientists Funded for New Inquiry into Non-Consumptive Research
08/31/11 U-M, ARM Extend Research Collaboration to Explore Limits of Low Power Computing
08/30/11 New laser could treat acne with telecom technology
08/30/11 Zeeshan Syed Awarded a DARPA Young Faculty Award
08/29/11 Computer Scientists Develop Telex to Thwart Internet Censorship
08/26/11 Breakthrough: Researchers find wide gap in immune responses of people who did...
08/23/11 New Techniques in Medical Informatics Lead to Improved Diagnosis of MDS
08/19/11 Making smart dust a reality
08/18/11 Sensors in the soil help engineers understand climate change
08/16/11 MABEL is now the worlds fastest two-legged robot with two knees
08/14/11 Gyemin Lee Receives Best Paper Award for Research in Machine Learning for Bio...
08/12/11 Z. Morley Mao Leads Researchers to Two Wins in FCC Open Internet Challenge
08/04/11 Xueyang Duan Receives First Prize for Research in Soil Moisture Sensing
07/25/11 Social Media Study: Conservatives Top Tweeters in 2010 Elections
07/22/11 Researchers Win John A. Curtis Lecture Award at ASEE Conference
07/07/11 Using imprint processing to mass-produce tiny antennas could improve wireless...
07/05/11 Michael Wellman Authors Book on Trading Agents for Electronic Markets
06/23/11 Prof. Semyon Meerkov and Colleagues Author Book on Quasilinear Control
06/22/11 Kang G. Shin and Collaborators Win Best Paper Award at IEEE ICAC Conference
06/16/11 A minimally-invasive brain implant to translate thoughts into movement
06/16/11 Morteza Nick Receives Best Paper Award at IMS2011
06/16/11 RobustNet Research Group Releases Mobile App That Measures 3G Network Perform...
05/23/11 Dragomir Radev and Colleague Author New Book
04/29/11 Prof. Wayne Stark and Changhun Bae Receive 2011 JCN Best Paper Award
04/26/11 Second Data Mining Workshop Brings Together a Spectrum of Researchers
04/26/11 Most powerful millimeter-scale energy harvester generates electricity from vi...
04/18/11 Researchers Develop Energy Efficiency Profiling Technology for Mobile Platforms
04/14/11 Z. Morley Mao Awarded VeriSign Grant for Mobile Internet Infrastructure Research
04/14/11 Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make...
04/07/11 Safer Medical Imaging with Microwaves
04/04/11 Raj Nadakuditi Receives ONR Young Investigator Award
03/31/11 Watch MABEL on Discovery Channel Canada - Daily Planet
03/24/11 Valeria Bertacco and Ilya Wagner Author Book on Post-Silicon and Run-Time Ver...
03/21/11 Al Hero Receives Best Paper Award for Research in System Feasibility Studies
03/18/11 CSE Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ASPLOS 2011
03/10/11 Michael Cafarella Receives NSF CAREER Award
03/02/11 MABEL the robot to appear on Discovery Channel
02/24/11 Winning Robotics Team Spotlighted on Catalyst TV Segment
02/22/11 Prof. Stephen Forrest discusses solar power role as alternative energy source
02/22/11 Toward computers that fit on a pen tip: New technologies usher in the millime...
02/18/11 Mona Jarrahi Receives NSF CAREER Award
02/10/11 U-M Computer Scientists, Colleagues Author Book on VLSI Physical Design
01/31/11 Xi Chen and Prof. Robert Dick Receive DATE Best Paper Award
01/25/11 Zeeshan Syed Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/25/11 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/14/11 Zhengya Zhang Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/12/11 Silvio Savarese Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/12/11 Jackie Vitaz Receives Top Prize at USNC/URSI
12/23/10 EECS Spinoffs Recognized as Key Innovators in Business Competition
12/22/10 Paving the way for ubiquitous computing
12/09/10 Theoretical breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from the vacuum
12/01/10 MABEL walking over rough ground - Take 2
11/25/10 HERCULES laser rivals a synchrotron
11/17/10 Yahoo! Expands M45 Supercomputing Initivative, Selects U-M
11/17/10 U-M Robot Team Wins International Competition and $750,000
11/11/10 EECS Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ICCAD 2010
11/08/10 Prabal Dutta Wins Best Paper Award at SenSys 2010
10/27/10 J. Alex Halderman Interviewed on CNN and NPR
10/26/10 University of Michigan Team Wins GSRC Margarida Jacome Best Poster/Demo Award
10/20/10 New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cells
10/12/10 U-M Researchers Hack into Voting Test Bed
09/21/10 Green Computing: Higher Energy Efficiency from Silicon to the Cloud
09/01/10 Laser-based missile defense for helicopters
09/01/10 CT scans at higher definition and lower radiation
08/30/10 New work resolves long-standing question about short pulses in Quantum Cascad...
08/26/10 Smallest U-M logo demonstrates advanced display technology
08/26/10 Efficient computing in the age of nanoscale devices
08/13/10 CSE Spinout Arbor Networks Acquired in U-M Tech Transfer Success Story
08/02/10 Meeting the Challenges for Low-Power System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
07/27/10 Robotics Team to Advance to World Finals
07/24/10 CSE Researchers Win First Place in ISPLED Design Contest
07/22/10 EECS Faculty Receive HP Labs Innovation Research Awards
07/08/10 Kang Shin and Collaborators Win Best Paper Award at USENIX
07/07/10 Schmid and Dutta Win ACM 2010 HotEmNets Best Paper Award
07/01/10 Ambiq Micro Wins Global Business Plan Competition
07/01/10 Holography and the Laser
06/30/10 Computer Vision Research Recognized at Innovation in AEC Conference
06/29/10 Soil moisture study aims for climate change insights
06/29/10 Zhengya Zhang Earns Best Paper Award at Symposium on VLSI Circuits
06/29/10 Lectures on Light: New Book by Prof. Steve Rand
06/22/10 Organic Laser Breakthrough
06/07/10 Ambiq Micro: Taking a Startup to the Next Level
06/03/10 WIMS and CUOS Among 60 Years of Sensational Research by NSF
05/27/10 MABELs first attempt at walking over rough ground
05/25/10 Satellite Imagery of Alaska Wetlands Earns Best Paper Award
05/17/10 WIMS Center Celebrates 10 Years, and Looks to the Future
05/04/10 Forrest: Going Global (U-M and SJTU)
04/29/10 Researchers Demonstrate Vulnerabilities in Indias Voting Machines
04/28/10 Data Mining Workshop Brings Together Over 100 Researchers
04/15/10 Featured Video: Phoenix 2 Chip
04/14/10 Prabal Dutta Wins IPSN Best Paper Award
04/13/10 U-M Researchers Win 2010 Signal Processing Best Paper Award
03/22/10 Mini generators make energy from random ambient vibrations
03/05/10 CSE Researchers Find Weakness in Common Digital Security System
02/24/10 EECS Technology Wins Top Prizes in Michigan Business Challenge
02/23/10 New High-Tech Sensors May Predict Bridge Fatigue
02/19/10 Edmund Durfee Recognized as IFAAMAS 2010 Influential Paper Award Co-Winner
02/17/10 Two Electrical Engineers Receive Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships
02/09/10 Smallest solar-powered sensor system could run forever
02/05/10 EECS Professors To Pursue Research Under Grants From Google
02/03/10 Wei Lu Receives CAREER Award
12/16/09 Clay Scott Receives CAREER Award for Research in Signal Processing
12/04/09 U-M Computer Scientists Author Book on Quantum Circuit Simulation
11/24/09 Tal Carmon Receives Young Investigator Award for Research in Lasers and Optics
11/24/09 Smartphone App Illuminates Power Consumption
11/16/09 New $10M Department of Energy Center to Focus on Plasma Research
11/12/09 Mark Kushner to head new $10M DoE Plasma Research Center
11/12/09 Duncan Steel will Advance Quantum Information Processes in New MURI
11/06/09 U-M Team Qualifies to Compete in MAGIC 2010 Robot Challenge
10/30/09 CSE Students Help Ford Bring Cloud Computing to Cars
10/22/09 Research Led by Prof. Grizzle Speeds Development of Future Hybrid Vehicles
10/19/09 CSE Researchers Present Findings from Internet Study
10/07/09 Yong Long Receives Best Poster Award for Work in Medical Imaging
10/05/09 Profs. Blaauw and Sylvester at Celebrate Innovation, October 13
10/01/09 CSE Researchers Enlist Users for Worldwide 3G Network Study
09/29/09 Prof. David Wentzloff Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award
09/29/09 Ellersick Prize for Best Paper Awarded to Authors in Communications
09/21/09 Energy and Power: Engineering Sustainable Solutions From the Macro to the Mic...
09/14/09 Continuous Nanoimprinting for Displays and Solar Cells
09/01/09 Sensing Sensors: NSF Funding News Ways to Monitor Infrastructure for Safety
08/25/09 EECS Researchers Awarded NSF Research Grant to Study Near-Threshold Computing
08/12/09 Computer Scientists Demonstrate Vulnerability in Electronic Voting Machine
08/05/09 Research in Flow Cytometry Receives Award for Best Original Paper
08/05/09 New Tool [Gadara] Could Eliminate Software Freezes
07/28/09 FunSAT Game Helps IC Designers Use Intuition to Optimize Chip Layout
07/23/09 Second Life Data Offers Insight into How Trends Spread
07/17/09 Prof. Hiskens Receives Stim Money for Wind Energy
07/16/09 The Bipedal Robot MABEL
07/09/09 Ali Nazari Receives Best Paper Award at ISIT 2009
07/08/09 Lasers can lengthen quantum bit memory by 1,000 times
06/18/09 Several EECS Faculty Receive HP Innovation Awards
06/11/09 CSE Researchers Discover Security Vulnerabilities in Government-Mandated Chin...
06/01/09 New program in plasma science and engineering
05/14/09 Game Theory and AI Offer Better Bidding Strategies
05/06/09 CSE Security Researcher Petitions for DMCA Exemption to Study DRM
04/27/09 CITI Sponsored by Microsoft to Develop NFS Software
04/06/09 Bridging the gap between wireless sensor networks and the scientists who use ...
03/18/09 Prof. Lus memristor chip could lead to faster, cheaper computers
03/12/09 PowerNap and RAILS provide roadmap for reduced data center energy requirements
02/11/09 Prof. Elliot Soloway Leads in Drive to use Smart Phones for Learning
01/20/09 Flexible photodetectors for sharper photos
01/20/09 Smart Bridges Under Development with New Grant
01/08/09 Wei Lu talks about whats next after silicon
12/23/08 Ultra Low-power Chip Named A Key Innovation for 2008 by MIT Technology Review
12/05/08 Work in SDR Earns Best Paper Award at MICRO-41
12/03/08 Gadara: New approach eliminates software deadlocks using discrete control theory
12/03/08 Gas pump made of minerals has no moving parts
11/07/08 Microsystems Research for Energy Scavenging and Power Generation
10/23/08 Bertacco and Wagner Earn Best Paper Award at ICCD
10/22/08 Prof. Kanicki Receives Excellence Award for Research on Display Technology
10/01/08 Computer hardware guardians
10/01/08 Innovation Nanoimprint Lithography
09/21/08 Ted Norris and CUOS: Reaching New Frontiers in Ultrafast Optical Science
08/29/08 Fast quantum computer building block created
08/06/08 Researchers develop next-generation antivirus system
08/06/08 2008 NSF CAREER Awards go to Seth Pettie and Martin Strauss
07/22/08 Atul Prakash and Grad Students Discover Banking Website Flaws
07/18/08 Research describes a method for seeing through walls
06/26/08 A Chip to Better Control Brain Stimulators for Parkinsons
06/26/08 Prof. Chens Research in Virtual Environments Earns Best Paper Award
06/26/08 Kushner to Head New Plasma Science and Engineering Institute
06/18/08 Phoenix microchip sets low-power record with extreme sleep mode
06/17/08 Prof. Papaefthymious work in resonant clocking to be commercialized
06/10/08 CSE Researchers Develop Software to Solve Tough Combinatorial Problems
05/27/08 New computer network security threat identified
04/25/08 ISPD Best Paper Award For Work in Logic and Physical Synthesis
04/25/08 Online Q and A forums hit the mainstream
04/25/08 Pinpoint microwave resolution could lead to wireless power transfer
04/08/08 Robert H. Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) Dedicated April 11, 2008
03/13/08 Unique locks on microchips could reduce hardware piracy
03/13/08 Sensors for bat-inspired spy plane under development
02/18/08 Michigan laser beam believed to set record for intensity
02/18/08 High-tech device uses rays to unveil hidden artwork
02/06/08 Prof. Tony Grbic Awarded CAREER Grant
02/06/08 Prof. Valeria Bertacco Awarded CAREER Grant
02/01/08 Michigan researchers contribute open-source IC routers to aid CAD research
01/26/08 Analog Signals and Systems: by Dave Munson
01/26/08 Discrete Event Systems: by Stephane Lafortune
01/04/08 New Book: Physical Database Design
01/04/08 New Textbook: Analysis of Bipolar and CMOS Amplifiers
01/04/08 New Textbook: Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
12/05/07 New Textbook for Students: Semiconductor Device Physics and Design
11/27/07 U-M Invests in EECS startup: Arbor Photonics
11/06/07 New computer program automates chip debugging
10/22/07 Tony Grbic Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award
09/21/07 Kamal Sarabandi: Bridging the Divide of Fundamental Science and Technology
09/11/07 Predicting the Unpredictable in Nanoscale Circuits
08/21/07 Breakthrough in Quantum Computing
07/16/07 Prof. Michael Wellman co-authors new book, Autonomous Bidding Agents
06/07/07 Prof. Del Vecchio Interviewed in IEEE Control Systems Mazagine
05/11/07 Jessy Grizzles Robotics Leg Research
04/12/07 Michael Flynn Receives 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship
04/06/07 Prof. Maharbiz receives Keck Foundation Grant for research decoding chemical ...
03/09/07 Zattoo Named to Red Herring 100 Europe 2007
02/22/07 Prof. Fesslers research group earns three poster awards at SPIE 2007
02/19/07 Prof. Jamie Phillips receives Young Faculty Award
02/12/07 Prof. Sarabandi Receives Best Paper Award
01/24/07 Three EECS faculty receive NSF CAREER Awards
11/27/06 Grizzle makes Scientific American 50, and Fox News
11/10/06 Best Paper Award at OSDI 06
10/06/06 Using Evaporation to Generate Power
09/07/06 Prof. Herbert Winful resolves longstanding physics paradox
08/01/06 Prof. Grizzle Improving Life for Patients with Prosthetic Legs
08/01/06 Prof. Jagadish Improving Information Integration
07/31/06 EE Times Announces EECS research on self-healing chips
06/30/06 NSF ERC in Wireless Integrated Microsystems: Annual Report
06/21/06 Tiny wireless Geiger counter detects radiation
06/07/06 Prof. Sugih Jamin Helps Bring TV to the Web
05/04/06 Graduate Student Research Supported by Intel
05/03/06 Undergraduate Students Doing Research
04/06/06 Best Paper Award at 2006 ISQED
03/24/06 Eric Tkacyk Receives Best Student Paper Award in Biomedical Optics
02/15/06 WIMS Researchers Helping to Improve Hearing
02/15/06 Speeding Up Access to the Web
10/18/05 $18.7-million NIH Center Established at U-M
09/21/05 Pallab Bhattacharya: The Race is On
04/22/05 Professor Drago Radev's research in Technology Research News
04/18/05 "Rabbit" Featured in CNN News Article
03/29/05 Dr. Jahanian's work in the Wall Street Journal
09/20/04 Tony England: From Space to Earth and Back
05/01/04 Run, RABBIT, Run!
03/25/04 Professor Martha Pollack and her robot, Pearl, in the News
08/27/03 New York Times article on Professor Elliot Soloway
10/30/01 CITI Research Appears in New York Times
09/26/01 Handheld Computing: New Best Tech Tool or Just a Fad?