Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Postdocs

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faculty photo Harirchi, Farshad
Research Fellow
Division: ECE
Address: 4234B EECS
Email: harirchi @ umich.edu
Phone: 734-615-9789
Research Interests: Control Theory, Cyber-Physical Systems, System Identification, Estimation Theory, Renewable Energy Aggregation, Compressive Sensing, Game Theory
faculty photo Hereid, Ayonga
Research Fellow
Division: ECE
Email: ayonga @ umich.edu
Research Interests: Theoretical and algorithmic approaches to understanding the underlying mechanism of high-degrees-of-freedom hybrid dynamical systems through the unification of formal control methods with novel nonlinear optimization techniques, with an ultimate goal of experimentally realizing dynamic and natural locomotion on bipedal robots.
faculty photo Pilania, Vinay
Research Fellow
Division: ECE
Address: 3239 EECS
Email: vpilania @ umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-1794