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CSE New Student Information for Fall 2016

Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan! Now that you are here, please take time to attend the following events specifically coordinated for new students only. Get to know your fellow students, meet some faculty, and gain valuable information to make your time here at Michigan as rewarding as possible. It is imperative that you attend the CSE New Student Welcome and a CSE Peer Counseling Session.

Fall 2016 New Student Meetings:

  • CSE New Student Welcome (no registration required)
    • Tuesday, Sept. 6, 4:30pm, Tishman Hall, BBB
    Monday, September 12, 5:00pm, 1690 BBB

Please refer to the quick links at the bottom of this page for more information. The CSE New Student Checklist includes important dates and items you need to do before and after your arrival. The CSE Graduate Program Brochure provides in-depth information about the Ph.D. and the Masters degree requirements and policies, as well as a list of relevant courses.

If you are a new Ph.D. student, please make sure you check CSE Students with Financial Aid for information about your funding.

If you are a new Masters student, academic advisors will be added to this page when they are available in August--please check back.

The College of Engineering (CoE) Current Student page and the U-M Campus Information Center websites provide helpful information, including student perspectives about the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor. You can also see videos of the U-M campus, its research and activities. Finally, our page for current graduate students contains a wealth of information about our program and the university.

Before classes begin, you will need to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your class schedule (see the checklist). In your first term you will need to have your Masters Plan of Study approved by your Academic Advisor (and then submitted to the CSE Graduate Office for inclusion in your file. You must complete the Masters Plan of Study if you are pursuing a MS or MSE degree). This document is a tentative schedule of classes you wish to take, along with the semester in which you plan to take them. Its purpose is to help you meet all the requirements for graduation in a timely fashion. You will probably change the Plan of Study at least once. The point is to ensure, at all times, that you are pursuing a program of study that will lead to completion of all requirements by the desired date.

As always, if you have questions or need information or help, please stop in at the graduate programs office.

We are looking forward to seeing you and trust that your stay here will be a rewarding one.

CSE Graduate Programs Office
3909 Bob and Betty Beyster Building

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