Petition Requests

A student may request special permission to adjust the departmental degree requirements or guidelines for a specific reason or circumstances. It is recommended that the student seek the advice of his/her academic/research advisor before submitting the petition.

A student petitioning for waiver or modification of policy or requirement must complete the Petition Request Form. The student’s academic/research advisor must approve this request, and then it is submitted to the ECE Graduate Academic Affairs Committee for final approval.


  1. Complete the form and explain the reason for change or exception in policy/requirement

  2. Discuss it with your academic advisor. If they approve, have the advisor sign the form.

  3. Return the form to your ECE Graduate Program Coordinator who will submit your request to the ECE Graduate Academic Affairs Committee.

  4. Wait for the approval from the ECE Graduate Academic Affairs Committee. You will be notified by an ECE Graduate Program Coordinator once a decison has been made.