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Interactive Systems

The Interactive System group investigates Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Educational Technology, Multimedia, and Collaborative Systems. The HCI field studies how systems can augment how people interact with computational systems. HCI includes topics such as cognitive modeling, usable privacy and security, ubiquitious computing, and information access. Collaborative Systems is also a topic within HCI, and it is the study of how computational systems can augment how groups of people (including Internet-scale groups) interact. Educational technology examines how the new generation of computational and communications technologies can facilitate and support the K-12 education, including a transition to more project-based pedagogy. Multimedia examines how to augment musical and video experiences, as well as how to automatically create content-based metadata and support multimedia-based pedagogy.

In Interactive Systems, research projects include cognitive models, educational software for handhelds, immersive audio displays, singer identification and vocal pedagogy, audio representations and metadata extractions, studies of privacy in pervasive environments, collaborative recommenders, and multi-person awareness in pervasive environments.

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