with generous support from
Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Whirlpool

Fridays 4 - 5p.m. Room 1200 EECS

September 12: Prof. D. Bernstein

U of M, Aerospace Dept.
"Learning from Failure: Defining the Role of Control Experiments in Control Systems Research"

September 19: Dr. Raja Sengupta

Univ. of CA, Berkeley
"Design and Performance of Control Systems for Automated Highway Driving"

September 26: Prof. Shankar Sastry

Univ. of CA, Berkeley
"Algorithms for the design of distributed, multi-agent control systems"

October 3: Dr. Maria Marta Seron

University of CA, Sta. Barbara
"Feedback Limitations in Nonlinear Systems: From Bode Integrals to Cheap control"

October 10: Prof. Randy Freeman

Northwestern University
"An Adaptive Approach to Lyapunov Design in Nonlinear Optimal Stabilizatio;n Problems" (abstract)

October 17 Dr. Ken Butts

Ford Motor Company
"CASE/CACSD Tools for Automotive Powertrain Controller Development"

October 24 Dr. Tariq Samd

Honeywell Technology Center
"Industrial Applications of Control Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Research"

October 31 To be announced

November 7 Dr. Suresh Joshi

NASA Langley
"Passivity-Based Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems"

November 14 Prof. Moroslav Krstic

Univ. of CA, San Diego
"Towards a General Theory of Adaptive Stabilization and Distrubance Attenuation for Nonlinear Systems"

November 21 Prof. Andrew Kurdila

University of Florida
"Identification Theory and Control for a Class of Hysterically Nonlinear Systems"

December 5 Prof. Naomi Leonard

Princeton University
"Dynamics and Control of Underwater Vehicles"

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Professor Dennis Bernstein
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