with generous support from
Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Whirlpool

Fridays 4 - 5 p.m. 1500EECS Building

  • September 17
    Dr. Meera Sampath

    "Industrial Diagnostics: A look at recent trends and technologies" (abstract)
  • September 24
    Professor Karolos M. Grigoriadis

    University of Houston
    "Control of Time-Delayed and Input Constrained Systems Using LMI Methods" (abstract)
  • October 1
    Dr. Tony Phillips

    Ford Research Lab
    "Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Control" (abstract)
  • October 8
    Dr. James Winkelman

    Ford Research Lab
    "Control in the Automotive Industry: Accomplishments in the Twentieth Century, Challenges in the Twenty-First Century" (abstract)
  • October 15
    Professor John Thistle

    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
    "Control of infinite behaviour of discrete event systems under partial observations" (abstract)
  • October 22
    Prof. Ioannis Kanellakopoulos

    "Nonlinear Control Design for Advanced Vehicle Systems" (abstract)
  • October 29
    Professor Francesco Bullo

    University of Illinois
    "Motion planning and series expansions for underactuated mechanical systems" (abstract)
  • November 5
    Professor Tryphon T. Georgiou

    University of Minnesota
    "The state covariance of an input-to-state filter imposes analytic interpolation constraints on the spectrum of the input" (abstract)
  • November 12
    Professor Bruce Krogh

    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Verification and Supervisory Control of Hybrid Systems" (abstract)
  • November 19
    Prof. Peter Ramadge

    Princeton University
    "Controller Switching Based on Output Prediction Errors" (abstract)
  • November 26
    NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving

  • December 3
    Prof. Karen Rudie

    Queen's University (Currently a Visiting Professor at the EECS Det. of the Univ. of Michigan)
    "Minimal Communication in a Distributed Discrete-Event Control System" (abstract)

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