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Fridays 4 - 5 p.m. 1200 EECS Building

  • January 14
    Dr. Datta Godbole

    Control of Large Scale Multi-Agent Systems: A UCAV example (abstract)
  • January 21
    Profesor Masayoshi Tomizuka
    UC Berkeley

    Precision Motion Controls for Hard Disk Drives (abstract)
  • January 28
    Professor Doug Looze
    University of Massachesettes

    Control Results and Improvements for the ALFA Adaptive Optics System (abstract)
  • February 04
    Professor John Gardner
    Penn State University

    Modeling , Testing and Control of an Underwater Propulsion System Utilizing Oscillating Surfaces (abstract)
  • February 11
    Professor Williams Messner
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Magnetic Hard Disk Drives and Two Stage Actuator Control (abstract)
  • February 18
    Professor Scott Bortoff
    University of Toronto

    Optimization-based control (abstract)
  • February 25
    Professor Semyon M. Meerkov
    University of Michigan

    Bottlenecks Solutions (abstract)
  • March 03
    NO SEMINAR - Spring Break


  • March 10 Professor Hong Tan
    Purdue University

    Haptic Human-Machine Interface (abstract)
  • March 17
    Dr. Vince Marcopoli
    General Dynamics

    An Application of Mu-Synthesis for the Elevation Axis Control of a Gun-Pointing System (abstract)
  • March 24
    Isaac Kaminer
    Naval Postgraduate School

    On the Design, Implementation and Flight Testing of Integrated Guidance and Control Systems for Unmanned Air Vehicles (abstract)
  • March 31
    Prof. George Chiu
    Purdue University

    Mechatronics Approaches to Artifact Reduction in Electrophotographic Processes (abstract)
  • April 07
    Prof. Brent Gillespie
    University of Michigan

    Sharing Control with an Human Operator (abstract)
  • April 14
    Professor P.S. Krishnaprasad
    University of Maryland

    Some Recent Progress in Distributed Control (abstract)
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    G036 Auto Lab
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