with generous support from
Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Whirlpool

Fridays 4 - 5 p.m. 1200 EECS Building

  • January 15
    Professor Perry Li
    University of Miinnesota

    Passive control of mechanical systems and the application to smart exercise machines (abstract)
  • January 22
    Professor Gregory Walsh
    University of Maryland

    Stability Analysis of Networked Control Systems (abstract)
  • January 29
    Profesor Eric Feron

    Identification and control of congested airports (abstract)
  • February 05
    Professor Wei Lin
    Case Western Researve University

    Passivity, Small Feedback, and Synthesis of Non-affine Systems in the Upper Triangular Form (abstract)
  • February 12
    Professor Thomas Kurfess
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Production of High Precision Complex Geometries using Next Generation Processes and Materials (abstract)
  • February 19
    Professor Tsu-Chin Tsao
    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

    Digital Motion Control And Its Application to Camshaft Turning (abstract)
  • February 26
    Dr. Swaminathan Gopalswamy

    Efficient Modular Modeling of Interconnected Dynamic Systems (abstract)
  • March 05
    NO SEMINAR - Spring Break

  • March 12
    Professor Nejat Olgac
    University of Coonecticut

    An Unconventional Direction for Vibration Suppression : Delayed Feedback Vibration Absorbers (abstract)
  • March 19
    Dr. Shiva Sivashankar
    Ford Motor Company

    "Design Factory" for Vehicle Powertrain Control Systems (abstract)
  • March 26
    Dr. Ilya Komanovsky
    Ford Motor Company

    Modelling, Estimation and Control Problems in Direct Injection Automotive Engines (abstract)
  • April 02
    Prof. Jessy Grizzle
    University of Michigan

    Asymptotically Stable Walking for Biped Robots: Analysis via Systems with Impulse Effects (abstract)
  • April 09
    Prof. Andrew Packard
    University of California, Berkeley

    Is Controller Fragility a problem inherent to Robust Control? (abstract)
  • April 16
    Professor Joel Burdick
    California Institute of Technology

    The Mechanics and Control of Biomimetic Locomotion (abstract)
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