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Video Friday: Robot Patrol, Tickling Machine, and More From IROS 2016

This IEEE Spectrum collection of research project videos from the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) includes a piece on robot navigation in dynamic social environments from Prof. Edwin Olson's APRIL Lab. To see the Michigan video, scroll to the bottom of the page. [Full Story]

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Using cyber security to keep your ballot safe ahead of the presidential election

This TV news segment features an interview with CSE graduate student Matthew Bernhard. He is interviewed about the possibility for stolen votes in the upcoming election. His answer: Michigan has a paper ballot/optical scan system, which is considered best practice. Touchscreen, paperless systems like those in Ohio, Virginia, and some other states are not secure enough yet. [Full Story]

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Matthew Bernhard on the Steve Gruber Show (audio)

Matthew Bernhard, a CSE graduate student working with Prof. J. Alex Halderman, speaks on the Steve Gruber Show about the possibility for voting fraud in Michigan during the upcoming election. He is introduced just over one minute into the show. [Full Story]

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A Silver-Medal Finish for ECE Olympic Rower

Electrical Engineering sophomore and Ann Arbor native Zach Burns brought home a silver medal from the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics in September as part of the US Paralympic Rowing Team. This was Zachs third year with the team, finally getting to take on the Olympic games after two years traveling to the World Championships. [Full Story]

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Sang Won Lee Receives Award for Best Student Composition at the International Computer Music Conference

CSE PhD candidate Sang Won Lee has received the 2016 Student Music Award for best student composition at the International Computer Music Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands for his composition "Live Writing: Gloomy Streets." This performance is an outcome coming from his interdisciplinary research work, Live Writing, which transforms asynchronous written communication into a real-time experience in the context of programming, writing and performing arts. [Full Story]

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CS KickStart Gives Incoming Freshmen an Introduction to Computer Science

CSE was a sponsor of the first-ever CS KickStart, which is a week long summer program that encourages women without prior programming experience to consider studying computer science. This program is free for attendees and gives 20-25 students the opportunity to learn how to code, connect with other students and faculty, and explore potential careers in computer science. The program was founded by CSE PhD student Meghan Clark. [Full Story]

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