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EECS 4-Year Academic & Career Plan
Use this outline to help guide your career research

First Year: Discovery!

Sophomore Year: Exploration!

Junior Year: Confirmation!

  • Attend EECS and College of Engineering events & programs
  • Explore graduate or professional school options and requirements
  • Review degree requirements for your program and confirm degree progress (Meet with your advisor!)
  • Learn how to apply for full-time employment with the ECRC
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field
  • Continue to review online internship postings, and/or seek additional internship or volunteer experiences
  • Join professional organizations and attend professional meetings in your field
  • Update and polish your resume
  • Keep up to date EECS news & attend lectures or conferences related to your field
  • Participate in job/internship fairs and workshops
  • Meet with your Faculty Career Mentor and attend EECS career information sessions
  • Discuss graduate school at Michigan

Senior Year: Implementation!

  • Update and polish your resume
  • Participate in mock interviews at the ECRC
  • Review job postings regularly
  • Network at job/intership fairs and career events
  • Develop a portfolio with examples of your work
  • Apply for full-time positions or graduate school (see Additional Resources below)
  • Explore college-to-work transition

... and into the Future:

  • Continue to stay active and involved in your field: read and study whenever possible. Stay up-to-date on trends in the job world, and continue to explore!