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Title Author Director Year Hard Copy Microfiche
Miniaturized Antenna and Wave Propagation Studies Enabling Compact Low-Power Mobile Radio Networks at Low VHF Choi, Jihun Sarabandi, K. 2017  
Design and Modeling of Ferroelectric BST FBARs for Switchable RF Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters Lee, Seungku Mortazawi, A. 2016  
Multiple Volume Scattering in Random Media and Periodic Structures with Applications in Microwave Remote Sensing and Wave Functional Materials Tan, Shurun Tsang, L. 2016  
High Efficiency and High Sensitivity Wireless Power Transfer and Wireless Power Harvesting Systems Wang, Xiaoyu Mortazawi, A. 2016  
Radar Sub-surface Sensing for Mapping the Extent of Hydraulic Fractures and for Monitoring Lake Ice and Design of Some Novel Antennas Wu, Jiangfeng Sarabandi, K. 2016  
A System Concept Study and Experimental Evaluation of Miniaturized Electrodynamic Tethers to Enhance Picosatellite and Femtosatellite Capabilities Bell, Iverson C. Gilchrist, B. 2015  
Polarizable Particles and their Two-Dimensional Arrays: Advances in Small Antenna and Metasurface Technologies Pfeiffer, Carl Grbic, A. 2015  
Efficient Antennas for Terahertz and Optical Frequencies Choi, Sangjo Sarabandi, K. 2014  
Physics-Based Modeling for High-Fidelity Radar Retrievals Burgin, Mariko S. Moghaddam, M. and Ulaby, F.T. 2014  
Controlling Electromagnetic Surface Waves with Scalar and Tensor Impedance Surfaces Patel, Amit M. Grbic, A. 2013  
Miniaturized Radio Repeater Design for Enhanced Ad-Hoc Wireless Communication Song, Young Jun Sarabandi, K. 2013


Theory and Development of Near-Field Plates

Faghih Imani, Seyedmohammadreza

Grbic, A. 2013    

Advanced Antenna Miniaturization Techniques for Low-Power, Broadband and Diversity Wireless Systems

Oh, Jungsuek Sarabandi, K. 2012    

Domain Decomposition Based Hybrid Methods for Solving Real-Life Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation Problems

Bakir, Onur Michielssen, E. 2012    

Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Scattering from Layered Media with Rough Interfaces for Subsurface Radar Remote Sensing

Duan, Xueyang Moghaddam, M. 2012    
A Millimeter-Wave Radar Microfabrication Technique and Its Application in Detection of Concealed Objects

Vahidpour, Mehrnoosh

Sarabandi, K. 2012    

High-Order Calderon Preconditioning of Integral Equations for the Analysis of Scattering from PEC and Homogeneous Penetrable Objects

Valdes Valenzuela, Felipe

Michielssen, E. 2012    
Full-Wave Nonlinear Inverse Scattering for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Breast Imaging Haynes, Mark S. Moghaddam, M. 2012    

Novel Approaches to the Design of Phased Array Antennas

Ehyaie, Danial Mortazawi, A. 2011    
New Q-Enhanced Planar Resonators for Low Phase-Noise Radio Frequency Oscillators Nick, Morteza Mortazawi, A. 2011    

Retrieval of Parameters for Layered Non-Smooth Interface Media: Theory and Experiment

Goykhman, Yuriy M.

Moghaddam, M. 2011    

Radar Remote Sensing of Arid Regions

Elsherbini, Adel A. Sarabandi, K. 2011    

Broadband, Volumetric Negative-Refractive-Index Media

Rudolph, Scott M. Grbic, A. 2011    
Enhanced Discrimination Techniques for Radar-Based On-Metal Identification Tags Vitaz, Jacquelyn A. Sarabandi, K. 2011    
Microwave Measurement System for Breast Cancer Imaging: An Experimental Prototype Towards Time-Domain Inverse Scattering van Nieuwstadt, Lin M.C. Moghaddam, M. 2011    

Electromagnetic Models for Indoor Wave Propagation Analysis and Their Application for Ultra-Wideband Near-Field Radar Imaging of Building Interiors and Human Movement Detection

Thiel, Michael Sarabandi, K. 2010    
Miniaturized Antennas for Platform-Level Integration Scenarios Hong, Wonbin Sarabandi, K. 2009    
Microwave Resonator Filters for Advanced Wireless Systems Lee, Ju Seop Sarabandi, K. 2009    
Metamaterial-Inspired Frequency Selective Surfaces Bayatpur, Farhad Sarabandi, K. 2009    
Physics-Based Near-Earth Radiowave Propagation Modeling and Simulation Liao, DaHan Sarabandi, K. 2009    
Investigation of a Micro- and Nano-Particle In-Space Electrostatic Propulsion Musinski, Louis D. Gilchrist, B. 2009    
Adaptive Impedance Matching Circuits Based on Ferroelectric and Semiconductor Varactors Fu, Jia-Shiang Mortazawi, A. 2009    
Switchable and Tunable Ferroelectric Thin Film Radio Frequency Components Zhu, Xinen Mortazawi, A. 2009    
High Frequency Mis-Based III-Nitride Transistor and Integrated Bio-Sensor Technology Seo, Sanghyun Mortazawi, A. 2009    
Polarimetric Microwave Radiometer Calibration Peng, Jinzheng Ruf, C. 2008    
Forward and Inverse Models of Electromagnetic Scattering From Layered Media With Rough Interfaces Tabatabaeenejad, S. Alireza Moghaddam, M. 2008    
Well-Posed Boundary Element Formulations in Electromagnetics Andriulli, Francesco Michielssen, E. 2008    
High-Performance RF-MEMS Tunable Filters Park, Sang-June Mortazawi, A.; Rebeiz, G. 2008    
Full Wave 2D Modeling of Scattering and Inverse Scattering for Layered Rough Surfaces with Buried Objects Kuo, Chih-Hao Moghaddam 2008    
Cochlea-Inspired Channelizing Filters for Wideband Radio Systems Galbraith, Christopher J. Rebeiz, Sarabandi 2008    
SiGe/CMOS Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits and Wafer-Scale Packaging for Phased Array Systems Min, Byungwook Rebeiz 2008    
Efficient Integral Equation Algorithms and Their Application to RFID Installation Brunett, Joseph D. Liepa, Sengupta 2008    
Characterization of the Magnetic Nozzle Region of High Powered Electric Propulsion Thrusters Using Numerical Simulation, RF Interferometry and Electrostatic Probes Deline, Christopher A. Gilchrist 2008    
Single- and Dual-Polarized Slot and Patch Antennas with Wide Tuning Ranges White, Carson R. Rebeiz, Sarabandi 2008    
Modeling and Applications of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction Buerkle, Amelia Marie Sarabandi 2007    
Hybrid Electromagnetic Models for the Purpose of Detection and Identification of Visually Obscured Targets Dehmollaian, M. Sarabandi 2007    
Multiple-device and multiple-resonator low phase-noise and microwave oscillators Choi, Jonghoon Mortazawi 2007    
  Choi, Tae-Young Katehi 2007    
  Fuhrhop, Keith R.P. Gilchrist 2007    
  Brakora, Karl F. Sarabandi 2007    
High-Performance, Multi-Functional, and Miniaturized Integrated Antennas Behdad, N. Sarabandi 2006    
Physics-Based Modeling of Wave Propagation for Terrestrial and Space Communications Wang, F. Sarabandi 2006    
Development of High Performance 6-18 GHz Tunable/Switchable RF MEMS Filters and Their System Implications Entesari, K. Rebeiz 2006    
  Yang, Taesik Liepa, Volakis 2006    
  Davis, Christopher N. Gilchrist 2006    
  Pham, Hanh T.N. England 2006    
Development of Engineered Magnetic Materials for Antenna Applications Buell, K. Sarabandi 2005    
Modelling of Wireless Channels and Validation Using a Scaled MM-Wave Measurement System Aryanfar, F. Sarabandi 2005 DISS 31827  
  Gong, Xun Chappell 2005    
  Jiang, Xin Mortazawi 2005    
  Lu, Yumin Katehi 2005    
High Performanc 12--24 GHz RF Front-End Components Fabricated in a Commercial SiGe Bipolar Process Hancock, Timothy M. Rebeiz 2005    
Microwave Scattering Model for Nonuniform Forest Canopies Liang, Pan Moghaddam 2005    
  Hung, Juo-Jung Rebeiz 2005    
  Siah, Eng S. Volakis 2005    
  Wang, Zhongde Volakis 2005    
  Lee, Kok Y. Katehi 2005    
  Psychoudakis, Dimitris A. Liepa, Volakis 2005    
Novel Components for Integrated Millimeter-Wave Front-Ends Abbaspour-Tamijani, A. Rebeiz 2004    
Theory and Experimental Evaluation of a Consistent Steady-State Kinetic Model for 2-D Conductive Structures in Ionospheric Plasmas with Application to Bare Electrodynamic Tethers in Space Choinière, É. Gilchrist 2004 DISS 31634  
Highly Miniaturized Antennas and Filters for Wireless Applications Azadegan, R. Sarabandi 2004 DISS 31381  
Compact Wide Scan-Angle Antennas for Automotive Applications and RF MEMS Switchable Frequency-Selective Surfaces Schoenlinner, B. Rebeiz 2004 DISS 31325  
Rigorous Analysis of Composite Finite Array Structures  Kindt, Rickie W. Volakis 2004    
  Pacheco, Sergio P. Katehi 2004    
  Reano, Ronald M. Katehi 2004    
  Cai, Yongming Katehi 2004    
  Tombak, Ali Mortazawi 2004    
Millimeter-Wave Polarimetric Radar Sensor for Detection of Power Lines in Strong Clutter Background Park, M. Sarabandi 2003 DISS 31301  
Multilevel Fast Multipole Method for Modeling Permeable Structures Using Conformal Finite Elements Sertel, K. Volakis 2003 DISS 30702  
RF MEMS Devices for Multifunctional Integrated Circuits and Antennas Peroulis, D. Sarabandi 2003 DISS 31106 DISS FILM 36352
Three-Dimensional Integration and Packaging Using Silicon Micromachining Margomenos, A. Katehi 2003 DISS 31081 DISS FILM 36327
Fully Micromachined Power Combining Module for Millimeter-wave Applications Lee, Y. Katehi 2003 DISS 31267  
Cryogenic Wideband LNA Design and Characterization Hu, S. I. Rebeiz 2003 DISS 30812 DISS FILM 36069
Radiometric Sensitivity to Soil Moisture Relative to Vegetation Canopy Anisotropy, Canopy Temperature, and Canopy Water Content at 1.4 GHz Hornbuckle, B. K. England 2003 DISS 30637 DISS FILM 35885
Microwave Micromachined Cavity Filters Harle, L. Katehi 2003    
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Interaction with Terrain Du, Y. Ulaby 2003 DISS 30611 DISS FILM 35860
W-Band Radiometry for the Non-Invasive Investigation of Materials Clancy, T. J. Ulaby 2003 DISS 30603 DISS FILM 35988
Scattering from Helicopter Platforms: Generalized Fast Methods, Preconditioning, and Hybrid Techniques Carr, M. A. Volakis 2003 DISS 30596 DISS FILM 35848
Tree Height Estimation Using Shuttle Radar Topography, Mission and Ancillary Data Brown, C. Sarabandi 2003 DISS 30754 DISS FILM 36011
  Clancy, Todd J. Ulaby 2003    
  Rizk, Jad B. Rebeiz 2003    
  Chappell, William J. Katehi 2003    
Accoustic and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction in the Detection and Identification of Buried Objects Lawrence, D. Sarabandi 2002 DISS 30058 DISS FILM 35313
Multilayer Frequency Selective Surfaces as Artificial Substrates for Broadband Conformal Arrays Erdemli, Y. E. Volakis 2002 DISS 30016 DISS FILM 35273
High-Performance Digital X-band and KA-Band Distributed MEMS Phase Shifters Hayden, J. S. Rebeiz 2002 DISS 30239 DISS FILM 35491
Development and Analysis of Wavelet-Based Time-Domain Numerical Schemes for Electromagnetic CAD Applications Sarris, K. Katehi 2002 DISS 30520 DISS FILM 35765
Advanced Diffraction and Wave Propagation Models for Characterization of Wireless Communication Channels Koh, I. S. Sarabandi 2002 DISS 30272 DISS FILM 35523
Multi-Functional Slot Spiral-Based Antennas for Airborne and Automotive Applications Filipovic, D. Volakis 2002 DISS 30224 DISS FILM 35476
The Broadband, Shallow, Reflecting Cavity-Backed Slot Spiral Antenna Nurnberger, M. Volakis 2002 DISS 30503 DISS FILM 35748
High-Performance RF MEMS Circuits and Phase Shifters Tan, G. L. Rebeiz 2002 DISS 30344 DISS FILM 35594
  Nimmagadda, Kiran Rebeiz 2002    
Multiresolution Statistical Techniques for Synthetic Aperture Radar Speckle Reduction and Image Registration Xie, H. Ulaby 2002 DISS 30562 DISS FILM 35807
Development of a Direct-Sampling Digital Correlation Radiometer for Earth Remote Sensing Applications Fischman, M. A. England 2001 DISS 29641 DISS FILM 34875
Design Optimization Techniques for Printed Antennas and Periodic Structures Li, Z. Volakis 2001 DISS 29893 DISS FILM 35114
Application of Ultrafast Optical Techniques to the Characterization of MM-Wave Integrated Circuits and Radiating Structures Yang, K. Katehi 2001 DISS 29565 DISS FILM 34805
Solution of a Class of Second Order Functional Difference Equations in Electromagnetic Diffraction Theory Legault, S. R. Senior 2001 DISS 29475 DISS FILM 34715
Radio Wave Diffraction and Scattering Models for Wireless Channel Simulation Casciato, M. D. Sarabandi 2001 DISS 29420 DISS FILM 34660
Modeling of Periodic Dielectric Structures (Electromagnetic Crystals) Shumpert, J. D. Katehi 2001 DISS 29541 DISS FILM 34781
The Application of Maximum Entropy Density Estimation to the Classification of Short Vegetation Using Multifrequency Polarimetric SAR Kouskoulas, Y. A. Ulaby 2001 DISS 29471 DISS FILM 34711
Design and Analysis of Series and Shunt MEMS Switches Muldavin, J. B. Rebeiz 2001 DISS 29722 DISS FILM 34952
Hydrocarbons and Condensible Volatiles of Jupiter's Galileo Probe Entry Site Wong, M. H. England 2001 DISS 29561 DISS FILM 34801
Silicon Micromachined Waveguide Transitions and Three-Dimensional Lithograph for High Frequency Packaging Becker, J. P. Katehi 2001 DISS 29810 DISS FILM 35036
Investigation of Bistatic Scattering Using Numerical Techniques and Novel Near-Field Measurements Zahn, D. L. Sarabandi 2001 DISS 29793 DISS FILM 35017
Theoretical Modeling of Large-Scale Electromagnetic Problems Using a Hybrid MOM/FEM Method Wavelets, and High-Performance Computing. Chun, D. Katehi 2000 DISS 29240 DISS FILM 34488
MMW Scattering by Tree Trunks and Surrounding Environment Modeling and Analysis El-Rouby, A. E. Ulaby 2000 DISS 2927 DISS FILM 34505
Numerical Analysis and Application of Ferromagnetic Materials for Microstrip Antenna Applications Brown, A. D. Volakis 2000 DISS 29223 DISS FILM 34471
INP- and GAN-Based Devices and MMICS for Signal Control and Generation Alekseev, E. Pavlidis 2000 DISS 28823 DISS FILM 34073
W-band Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits Utilizing Silicon Micromachining Herrick, K. J. Katehi 2000 DISS 28891 DISS FILM 34141
Dual Polarized Planar Antenna for Radar and Communication System Ellis, T. Rebeiz 2000 DISS 28865 DISS 34115
New Approaches to the Analysis of Morphological and Rhythmic Information to the Electrocardiogram Shahin, G. N. E. Sarabandi 2000 DISS 28988 DISS FILM 34236
Distributed MEMS Transmission Lines Barker, N. S. T. Rebeiz 1999 DISS 28599 DISS FILM 33866
Investigation of Lower Thermospheric Tidal Harmonics Using Ground-Based Radio and Space-Borne Optical Techniques Azeem, S. Johnson 1999 DISS 28596 DISS FILM 33863
Low-Noise Receivers, Micromachined Antennas and Low-Loss Transitions for Millimeter-Wave Applications Gauthier, G. Rebeiz 1999 DISS 28220 DISS FILM 33482
Multi-Resolution Methods for Simulation and Design of Antennas Andersen, L. S. Volakis 1999 DISS 28591 DISS FILM 33858
High-Q Integrated Micromachined Components for a 28 GHz Front-End Transceiver Brown, A. R. Rebeiz 1999 DISS 28410 DISS FILM 33668
Land Surface Process and Radiobrightness Modeling of the Great Plains Judge, J. England 1999 DISS 28691 DISS FILM 33956
Remote Sensing of Land Surface Conditions in Arctic Tundra Regions for Climatological Applications Using Microwave Radiometry Kim, E. J. England 1999 DISS 28256 DISS FILM 33518
Mobile Digital Communications Using Phase Conjugating Arrays DiDomenico, L. Rebeiz 1999 DISS 28642 DISS FILM 33908
Time Domain Characterization of Microwave Circuits Goverdhanam, K. Katehi 1999 DISS 28227 DISS FILM 33489
Silicon-Based Micromachined Packaging Techniques for High-Frequency Applications Henderson, R. Katehi 1999 DISS 28237 DISS FILM 33499
MMIC Passive and Active Structures Papapolymerou, I. Katehi 1999 DISS 28306 DISS FILM 33567
Estimation of Friction Velocity and Direction at the Ocean Surface from Physical Models and Space-Borne Radar Scatterometer Measurements Lettvin, E. E.   1998   DISS FILM 33311
Finite Element Analysis of Conformal Antennas Ozdemir, T. Volakis 1998 DISS 27686 DISS FILM 32949
An Integrated Millimeter-Wave Monopulse Radar Receiver with Polarimetric Capabilities Roman, S. Rebeiz 1998 DISS 27697 DISS FILM 32960
Pulse Propagation Along Conductors in Low-Density, Cold Plasmas as Applied to Electrodynamic Tethers in the Ionosphere Bilen, S. G. Gilchrist 1998 DISS 27976 DISS FILM 33233
Optimal Phased Array Pattern Synthesis for Non-Invasive Cancer Ablation of Liver Tumors Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Botros, Y. Y. Volakis 1998 DISS 27779 DISS FILM 33043
Theoretical Modeling of MMC's Using Wavelets, Parallel Computing and a Hybrid MOM/FEM Technique Cheng, J. C. Katehi 1998 DISS 27549 DISS FILM 32813
Electromagnetic Scattering from Rough Surfaces Covered with Short Branching Vegetation Chiu, T. C. Sarabandi 1998 DISS 27552 DISS FILM 32816
Millimeter-Wave Polarimetric Radar System as an Advanced Vehicle Control and Warning Sensor Li, E. Sarabandi 1998 DISS 2800 DISS FILM 33313
Time-Domain Numerical Techniques for the Analysis and Design of Microwave Circuits Tentzeris, E. Tentzeris 1998 DISS 27936 DISS FILM 33196
Planar and Distributed Spatial Power Combiners Alexanian, A.   1997    
Classification Biomass Estimation, and Carbon Dynamics of a Northern Forest Using SIR-C/X-SAR Imagery Bergen, K. M. Dobson 1997 DISS 26907 DISS FILM 32165
Electromagnetic Scattering from Jet Engine Inlets Using Analytical and Fast Integral Equation Methods Anastassiu, H. T. Volakis 1997 DISS 26900 DISS FILM 32158
Fast Memory-Saving Hybrid Algorithms for Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation Bindiganavale, S. J. Volakis 1997 DISS 27315 DISS FILM 32579
Micromachined W-band Circuits Robertson, S. V. Katehi 1997 DISS 27039 DISS FILM 32296
Experimental Study of the Microwave Radar Backscatter from Transient Deep-Water Breaking Waves Dano, E. Vesecky 1997 DISS 27135 DISS FILM 32402
Experimental and Numerical Studies of Radar Scattering from Deep-Water Breaking Waves Ericson, E. Vesecky 1997 DISS 26939 DISS FILM 32196
A Fractal-Based Coherent Scattering and Propagation Model for Forest Canopies Lin, Y. C. Sarabandi 1997 DISS 27409 DISS FILM 32667
Development of Passive Components for Millimeter-Wave Circuits Ponchak, G. Katehi 1997 DISS 27031 DISS FILM 32288
Hybrid Finite Element Modal Analysis for Jet Engine Inlet Scattering Ross, D. C. Volakis 1996 DISS 26421 DISS FILM 31691
Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Random Media Siqueira, P. R. Sarabandi 1996 Diss 26844 DISS FILM 32099
Space Electric Propulsion Plasma Characterization Using Microwave and Ion Acoustic Wave Propagation Ohler, S. G. Gilchrist 1996 DISS 26805 DISS FILM 32061
Land Surface Process/Radiobrightness Models for Northern Prairie Liou, Y.-A. England 1996 DISS 26565 DISS FILM 31825
Robust Development of Hybrid Finite Element Methods for Antennas and Microwave Circuits Gong, J. Volakis 1996 DISS 26725 DISS FILM 31982
A Coherent Polarimetric Microwave Scattering Model for Grassland Structures and Canopies Stiles, J. M. Sarabandi/Ulaby 1996    
Theory and Measurement of Bistatic Scattering of X-Band Microwaves from Rough Dielectric Surfaces De Roo, R. Ulaby 1996 DISS 26300 DISS FILM 31574
Time-Frequency Anaysis in Radar Backscatter Problems McCormack, C. Liepa 1996 DISS 26787 DISS FILM 32043
Electromagnetic Modeling of High-Speed High-Frequency Interconnects Yook, J. G. Katehi 1996 DISS 26884 DISS FILM 32139
On the Performance of DS/SS Systems I Band-Limited Multipath Environments Wang, Y. P.   1995 DISS 25810 DISS FILM 31801
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Co2 Clathrate Hydrate with Applications to the Martian Northern Polar Region Landry, J. C. England 1995    
Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow: An Empirical/Theoretical Scattering Model for Dense Random Media Kendra, J. R. Sarabandi/Ulaby 1995 DISS 26137 DISS FILM 31395
Microwave Radiometry of Snow-Covered Grasslands for the Estimation of Land-Atmosphere Energy and Moisture Fluxes Galantowicz, J. F. England 1995 DISS 26099 DISS FILM 31359
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Components Using Micromachining Technologies Chi, C. Y. Rebeiz 1995    
Microwave Circuit Electric Field Imaging Systems Budka, T. P. Rebeiz 1995 DISS 26062 DISS FILM 31323
The Development and Characterization of Self-Packages Using Micromachining Techniques for High Frequency Circuit Applications Drayton, R. Katehi 1995 DISS 26086 DISS FILM 31346
Analysis and Design of Dielectric-Lens Antennas and Planar Multiplier Circuits for Millimeter-Wave Applications Filipovic, D. Rebeiz 1995 DISS 26092 DISS FILM 31352
Activation of Anti-Cancer Drugs with Ultrasound Jeffers, R. Cain 1995 DISS 25911 DISS FILM 31178
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Propagation and Scattering in Dense Random Media:  Modeling Experiments Nashashibi, A. Sarabandi 1995 DISS 26182 DISS FILM 31436
Micromachined High Frequency Transmission Lines on Thin Dielectric Membranes Weller, T. Katehi 1995 DISS 26239 DISS FILM 31488
Novel Efficient Integral-Based Techniques for Characterization of Planar Microwave Structures Sabetfakhri, K. Katehi 1995 DISS 25778 DISS FILM 31049
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Power-Law Surfaces Austin, R. T. England 1994 DISS 25386 DISS FILM 30661
Studies of Thermospheric Neutral Winds Utilizing Ground-Based Optical and Radar Measurements Won, Y.   1994 DISS 25129  
Edge Diffraction by Metallic and Resistive Sheets Natzke, J. R. Senior 1994 DISS 25286 DISS FILM 30551
Integrated Millimeter-Wave and Submillimeter-Wave Antennas and Schottky-Diode Receivers Gearhart, S. S. Rebeiz 1994 DISS 25206 DISS FILM 3071
Scattering and Radiation from Cylindrically Conformal Antennas Kempel, L. C. Volakis 1994 DISS 25008 DISS FILM 30262
Development of a Multiplex Fabry-Perot Interferometer and Measurement of Atmospheric HF and HCL Snell, H. E.   1994 DISS 25101 DISS FILM 30352
Investigation of Finite Element--ABC Methods for Electromagnetic Field Simulation Chatterjee, A. Volakis 1994 DISS 25412 DISS FILM 30687
Subharmonic Mixing Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Receivers and Oscillating Slot Antennas for Quasi-Optical Power Combining Kormanyos, B. K. Rebeiz 1994 DISS 25250 DISS FILM 30515
A Study of Boundary Layer Aerosol and Wind Profiles Using Incoherent Doppler Lidar Fisher, K. W.   1994 DISS 24961 DISS FILM 30216
Laboratory and Theoretical Study of the Far Infrared Johnson, B. R.   1993 DISS 24555 DISS FILM 29828
Modeling and Inversion of the Radar Response of Vegetation Canopies Polatin, P. F. Sarabandi 1993 DISS 24836 DISS FILM 30093
An Integrated 94 GHz Monopulse Tracking Receiver Ling, C. C.-S. Rebeiz 1993 DISS 24807 DISS FILM 30068
Full-Wave Characterization of High-Frequency Nonplanar Interconnects Engel, A. G. Katehi 1993 DISS 24308 DISS FILM 29570
Analysis and Design of Integrated-Circuit Horn Antennas for Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wave Applications Eleftheriades, G. V. Rebeiz 1993 DISS 24307 DISS FILM 29569
Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wave Integrated Horn Antenna Schottky Receivers Ali-Ahmad, W. Y. Rebeiz 1993 DISS 24673 DISS FILM 30395
Microwave Polarimetric Backscattering from Natural Rough Surfaces Oh, Y. Sarabandi/Ulaby 1993 DISS 25061 DISS FILM 30314
A Study of Mid-Latitude 5577A OI Dayglow Emissions Hume, Jr., E. E.   1992 DISS 23709 DISS FILM 28975
Characterization of Two-Dimensional High Frequency Microstrip and Dielectric Interconnects van Deventer, T. E. Katehi 1992 DISS 23987 DISS FILM 29214
Design and Analysis of a Four-Wire Antenna for Anechoic Chamber Illumination Cheon, C. Liepa 1992 DISS 23653 DISS FILM 28920
Ethane Ice Haze in the Upper Atmosphere of Uranus Schulz, T. M.   1992 DISS 23781 DISS FILM 29046
Monitoring Changes in Aboveground Biomass in Loblolly Pine Forests Using Multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Kasischke, E. S.   1992 DISS 24106 DISS FILM 29504
A Finite Element -- Boundary Integral Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Collins, J. D. Volakis 1992 DISS 23872 DISS FILM 29133
Electromagnetic Scattering by Coated Convex Surfaces and Wedges Simulated by Approximate Boundary Conditions Syed, H. H. Volakis 1992 DISS 23980 DISS FILM 29208
Microwave Scattering from Periodic Row-Structured Vegetation Witt, M. W. Ulaby 1991 DISS 23592 DISS FILM 28822
An Inversion Technique to Recover Lower Thermospheric Winds from Space-Borne Remote Measurements of [OI] 5577A Nardi, B.   1991 DISS 23296 DISS FILM 28548
A New Instrument for the Study of Mesospheric Gravity Waves Through Nightglow Observations Luo, M.   1991 DISS 23280 DISS FILM 28535
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Microstrip Structures Livernois, T. G.   1991 DISS 23498 DISS FILM 28745
The Retrieval of Aerosol, Molecular, and Surface Parameters from the Stratospheric Measurements of the High Resolution Doppler Image Bucholtz, A.   1991 DISS 23011 DISS FILM 28283
Modeling Microwave Backscatter from Tree Canopies McDonald, K. C. Ulaby 1991 DISS 23289 DISS FILM 28543
Microwave Propagation Through Cultural Vegetation Canopies Tavakoli, A. Sarabandi 1991 DISS 23565 DISS FILM 28802
Spatial and Spectral Analyses of Remotely Sensed Images Using Scale-Space Techniques Zuerndorfer, B. Wakefield, England 1991 DISS 23175 DISS FILM 28444
Full-Wave Analysis of Microstrip Slot Antennas and Couplers VandenBerg, N. L. Katehi 1991 DISS 23574 DISS FILM 29102
High Frequency Characterization of Open Microstrip Discontinuities Harokopus, W. P.   1991 DISS 23042 DISS FILM 28313
Optical and Infrared Scattering from Irregularly-Shaped Particles Small Compared to the Wavelength Pierce, L. E. Weil 1991 DISS 23107 DISS FILM 28377
Electromagnetic Scattering from Two-Dimensional Thick Material Junctions Ricoy, M. A. Volakis 1990 DISS 22925 DISS FILM 28247
The Retrieval of the Concentrations of Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide from Satellite Solar Occultation Measurements Cartalis, C. I.   1989 DISS 21823 DISS FILM 26917
Finite Element--Boundary Element Methods for Electromagnetic Scattering Jin, J. Volakis 1989 DISS 22227 DISS FILM 27502
Electromagnetic Scattering from Vegetation Canopies Sarabandi, K. Ulaby 1989 DISS 22304 DISS FILM 27576
Discontinuity Characterization in Shielded Microstrip:  A Theoretical and Experimental Study Dunleavy, L. P.   1988 DISS 21392 DISS FILM 25910
Computation of the Scattering by Planar and Non-Planar Plates Using a Conjugate Gradient FFT Method Peters, T. J.   1988 DISS 21741 DISS FILM 26596
Spectral Domain Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Currents and Radiation Willis III, T. M.   1987 DISS 21251 DISS FILM 25804
Synthesis of Resistive Tapers to Control Scattering Patterns of Strips Haupt, R. L. Liepa 1987 DISS 21123 DISS FILM 25700
High Frequency Scattering from Canonical Impedance Structures Herman, M. I.   1987 DISS 20793 DISS FILM 25053
Scattering from Thin Wire Structures Burns, J. W.   1987 DISS 20742 DISS FILM 25010
An Asymptotic Solution for the Two Frequency Mutual Coherence Functions of A Random Slab Maa, H. F.   1985 DISS 19682 DISS FILM 23169
Reduction of the Edge Diffraction of a Circular Ground Plane by Using Ground Plane by Using Resistive Edge Loading Wang, R. W.   1985 DISS 19751 DISS FILM 23225
Magnetostatic-Wave Propagation in a Finite YIG-Loaded Rectangular Waveguide Radmanesh, M.   1984 DISS 19302 DISS FILM 22499
Generalized Optimum PWM Technique:  Analysis and Application to Battery Charging El Hussein, A. El S. M.   1984 DISS 19392 DISS FILM 22801
Scattering by Distributions of Small Thin Particles Ksienski, D. A.   1984 DISS 19454 DISS FILM 22861
Investigation of a Class of Tunable Circular Patch Antennas Lan, G. L.   1984 DISS 18257 DISS FILM 22455
Finite Element Solution for Electromagnetic Scattering from Two-Dimensional Bodies Mason, J. L.   1984 DISS 18272 DISS FILM 20331
Study of Electromagnetic Scattering by Half Sheet with Cylindrical Tip Kimura, H.   1983 DISS 18824 DISS FILM 21748
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