Single Cell Migration Chip

Cell migration is an essential process in angiogenesis, cancer metastasis, wound healing, inflammation and even embryogenesis. With this mechanism, cells can move into proper positions and enact appropriate functions in the body. There are a number of previous works reported to study cell migration in a microfluidic chip. Most works, however, have loaded and cultured thousands of cells in the same channel; thus, it is impossible to trace heterogeneous cell behaviors. In this work, we develop a high capture rate cell migration chip capable of tracing cell migration at a single-cell resolution readily after cell loading.

Figure 1: Cell migration test: (A,B) Cell distribution after cell loading (Cells were loaded from the left channel.), (C) Cell distribution after 24 hours with the same media in both sides (control), and (D) with HGF of 50ng/mL in the right channel.

Related Publication
  1. Y.-C. Chen, X. Lou, P. Ingram, and E. Yoon, "Single cell Migration Chip Using Hydrodynamic Cell Positioning," in International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS '11), pp. 1409-1411, Seattle, October 2011.