Active Cell Positioning Using DEP

Many researches have been performed for the positioning and capturing of cells at single cell level in microfluidic systems for biological and biochemical analysis. However, in most of the previous works it was difficult to expand them into a 2-dimensional array because they only passively captured the cells and did not employ any accurate control of positioning/capturing cells one by one actively. In this work, we propose a new scheme for active positioning control of single cell using dielectrophoresis (DEP).

Figure 1: The fabricated device.

The final capture result confirming that a single microbead can be consecutively captured in each micro-well.

Another set of experiments was done for multiple capture of microbeads in the same micro-well. This picture demonstrates that the number of captured microbeads can be controlled arbitrarily at any given numbers.

Experimental Results - Movie

Related Publication
  1. Byoung-Gyun Kim, Kwang-Seok Yun, and Euisik Yoon, "Active Positioning Control of Single Cell/Microbead in a Micro-Well Array Chip by Dielectrophoresis," IEEE International Conference on MEMS, Technical Digest pp.702-705, Miami Beach, USA, 30 Jan. - 3 Feb. 2005.