Microfluidic Array Chip for Single-Cell Assay

There has been growing interest in single-cell assays to understand single-cell behavior more accurately. To address this, different methods for single-cell assay using microfluidics have been developed by various research groups. Our research however developed the first microfluidic array platform which allows to both capture and isolate single-cells, and to monitor cell behavior in different environments. The isolation of captured single-cells from the neighboring cells and ambient media makes it possible to collect precise quantitative data from individual cell behavior. In this work, we have successfully implemented a microfluidic array chip which can perform single-cell capture and isolation for single-cell assay by using two-way pneumatic actuation.

Figure 1: Conceptual diagram of microchamber unit for single-cell capture and isolation and its operation principle: (a) schematic of the proposed device,(b) trapping a cell at the capture site, (c) loading a cell with negative pressure, and (d) isolating a cell with positive pressure along the A-A? plane.

Experimental Results - Movie

Related Publication
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