EECS 373 Lecture Notes

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Topic Slides Print Examples Date
Course intro Lecture 1 Print version Course summary 4 Jan
ARM architecture, assembly, and ABI Lecture 2 Print version 9 Jan
Toolchain, ABI Lecture 3 Print version 11 Jan
ABI, Memory-Mapped I/O Lecture 4 Print version Markup 16 Jan
MMIO and APB Lecture 5 Print version Markup 18 Jan
Interrupts Lecture 6-7 Print version 23 and 30 Jan
Midterm review Review Print version Example Solutions 25 Jan
Interrupt Priorties and Preemption Lecture 8 Print version 1 Feb
Timers and Hazard Lecture 9 Print version 6 Feb
Virtual timers and Serial buses Lecture 10 Print version 15 Feb
Serial buses and Digital Design Principles Lecture 11 Print version 20 Feb
ADCs, DACs, and prototyping Lecture 12 Print version 22 Feb & 6 Mar
In-class review Slides Print version Example Solutions 8 Mar
Memories and PCBs Lecture 14 Print version 13 Mar
Real-Time Operating Systems Lecture 12 Print version 15 Mar
No Lecture - Work on Project and Presentation 20 Mar
Lecture Recordings can be accessed here.

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