EECS 373 Lecture Notes

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Topic Slides Print Examples Date
Course intro Lecture 1 Print version Course summary 4 Jan
ARM architecture, assembly, and ABI Lecture 2 Print version 9 Jan
Toolchain, ABI Lecture 3 Print version 11 Jan
ABI, Memory-Mapped I/O Lecture 4 Print version Markup 16 Jan
MMIO and APB Lecture 5 Print version Markup 18 Jan
Interrupts Lecture 6-7 Print version 23 and 30 Jan
Midterm review Review Print version Example Solutions 25 Jan
Interrupt Priorties and Preemption Lecture 8 Print version 1 Feb
Timers and Hazard Lecture 9 Print version 6 Feb
Virtual timers and Serial buses Lecture 10 Print version 15 Feb
Serial buses and Digital Design Principles Lecture 11 Print version 20 Feb
ADCs, DACs, and prototyping 22 Feb & 6 Mar
In-class review 8 Mar
Memories and PCBs 13 Mar
Real-Time Operating Systems 15 Mar
Lecture Recordings can be accessed here.

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